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                          (TER  KADAMBA  TREE  NEAR  NANDGAAON  )

                                                       (A notice Board..)
                            (A WATER POND NEAR TER KADAMBA IN BRIJ ( Photo autar Mota ) )

                                                     Ter Kadamba ..( Photo Autar Mota )
                                 (Sri Krishna and Radha under kadamba tree.A miniature painting.)
                    ( Radha Krishna under Kadamba Tree ..A kangra miniature Painting )
                (Radha Krishna under Kadamba Tree ..A Pahari miniature by Nainsukh Raina of Guler..)

("Radha Krishna under Kadamba Tree" A master Painting by Abdur Rehman Chugtai)

 (BRAJ BHOOMI.. Photos.. Autar Mota )…

“ Yeh kadamb ka peid agar maa hotaa yamuna teeray
Mei bhi uss par baith kanhaiyaa bantaa dheeray dheeray
Tumhay dhyaan mein lagi dekh Me dheeray dheeray Aataa
Aur tumharay failay Aanchal ke neechay chhup jaata
Tum ghabara kar Aankh kholtii, par maa khush ho jaati
Jab apnay munna Raja ko godi mein hi paati
Issi tarah kuch khela kartay hum tum dheeray Dheeray
Yeh kadamb ka peid Agar maa hotaa yamuna teeray”

( Subhdra Kumari Chauhan )

Upto 5th standard , I have studied in Govt school Rawatbhata ( Kota Rajasthan ) wherefrom we moved to Srinagar . I vividly remember how Syed Abrar Ahmed our Hindi Teacher , introduced Subadhra Kumari Chauhan’s ( 1904-1948 ) poem “ kadamb ka Peid” to our class . For proper context and background , he also related the entire story of Kadamb Tree and Sri Krishna to our Class. The poem was in our Text Book . I liked the poem so much that I would read it to my mother. I also related the story that syed Abrar Ahmed had conveyed . She was impressed and had memorized the poem . The poem remains embedded somewhere deep inside the chambers of my memory .

The poem is based on the loving relationship of a mother and her son and conveys  mother’s deep rooted affection and worry for the welfare of her son. It also puts forth  the apparent naughtiness of the young child underneath the unshakable love for his dear mother. This moving poem is also  about the wishes of a child to climb a kadamba  tree on the  bank  of river Yamuna and play a tiny wooden flute to confuse and surprise his mother. The poem  has a moral for all ; “ Great joys can also be derived from simple things and truthful human bondages”  .

A Kadamba tree signifies love, Bonding, warmth  and affection.

I wish Syed Abrar Ahmed a very long and happy life wherever he is. Tried to trace him desperately but failed .

Kadamba is a fast  growing tree with regular branching and  fragrant blooms. These blooms  grow  into   sweet-smelling white  flowers. These trees are also seen in Bengal  and Assam .
In entire Brij , you are told that Sri Krishna loved to Play in Kadamba  forests near Nandgaaon . In so many pictures and paintings ,  Sri krishna is usually shown playing his flute under this tree.

TER KADAMBA is a very important place in Braj Bhoomi. People believe that the   Oldest Kadmba Tree  groves  are located  in this area which is at a distance of about 2 kms from Nandgaaon village  . In Brij Bhasha , Ter means to call and people say that Sri Krishna used to call the cows, Gopis and his companions to these  Kadamba Tree groves .

Our Guide ( In this Braj Bhomi Tour ) Sri krishen shukla  Informs :

" TER KADAMBA is an important place in Brij Bhoomi. This Oldest Kadmba Tee is located at a distance of 2 kms from Nandgaaon . In Braj Bhasha , Ter means to call and people say that Sri Krishna used to call the cows, Gopis and his companions to this Ter Kadamba Tree .
Many Kadamba trees are still growing at this beautiful spot. Sri Krishna used to guide the calves to this place for grazing. He would climb the Kadamba tree, play his flute and call all His friends including Sudama, Subala, Mansukha, Dhansukha and Madhu, . They would play at this spot . They used to tie their lunch pots on the branches of the trees . Since the lunch of all the gopas would be tied on the branches , the KADAMBA tree branches would bend . With branches in bent position, Sri Krishna's friends could easily reach the tree ‘s top . It is said that Sri Krishna would sit here and count the cows when they came back from grazing. All throughout the day, Krishna would play with His friends here While Gopis would cry in Viraha .later Sri Krishna is believed to have played Raas under this KADAMBA Tree."

The kadamba groves of Braj , which severely depleted at the moment , are believed to be the spots where Sri Krishna spent his childhood and played Raas with Radha and Gopis.

( Autar Mota )

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