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He is satish Anand, well known Film producer from Pakistan. Currently chairman of United Producers Association ( Pakistan ) , Satish owns EVERYDAY PICTURES (Karachi and Lahore ). His group is enagaged in Production and Distribution of films and TV Programmes , Event Management and studio facilities. EVERYDAY banner has released over 400 films and over a 100 TV productions and Events. 

This film company was started by his father jagdish Chand Anand ( 1922-1977 ) in 1946. 
Satish ‘s Grand father was engaged in a business which involved imports from Japan. His business ran into problems due to overall depression caused by the Second World War. Satish’s father , J C Anand found the film trade more lucrative and started his career in distribution working with a well-established distribution office in Lahore . 

At the time of Partition, Anand family lived in Karachi and opted to stay back in Pakistan inspite of many suggestions to the contrary. Satish is closely related to Indian actress Juhi Chawla. Presently , he resides at Posh cliffton Karachi .

Though EVERYDAY PICTURES has a branch in Lahore also, Satish operates from Karachi. His father J C Anand produced many successful films in Pakistan but SASSI ( 1955) broke all previous records . Sassi was a great commercial hit . It created an all time record for being the first golden jubilee film of Pakistan. Other films to his credit include Miss 56, Ishq-e-Laila, Murad, Alam ara , Heer ,Hasrat, Dulhan ( 1963 ) etc. 

About current state of Pakistan Film Industry Satish informs :

“When we came into film distribution and production in 1946, we made films that competed with Indian big screen ventures such as Aawara, Baiju Bawara, etc. and all these films were allowed to be shown here at that time. And we made some great movies and the box office returns were good, too. In Pakistan, We went on to make many quality films for a very long time. Why has the public forgotten hits like Umrao Jan Ada, Aaina, Zindagi, Miss Colombo and later Haathi Mere Saathi and Madam Bavary. Dark clouds began hovering over the film industry during the reign of General Zia ul Haq. Your self-esteem started dipping as you felt you were committing a sin by being part of the film industry. On the Contrary , the Indian audience is aware of the history of cinema. They are celebrating it while cinema is seen as a lost cause here. Lahore industry, in its final demise didn’t have fresh talent and technicalities to blend with modern times. 

In Karachi, the youngsters have had a lot of exposure from mainstream Television, and a good playing ground. Also, thanks to cheap digital format, it’s affordable and user friendly. Most people from the previous generation have lost their capital, in other cases they don’t have the will after the collapse of Lollywood ( lahore Film Industry ), and in such cases they don’t want to get into speculative exercise of making motion pictures. 

Just as great nations were born from the ashes of destruction, so can our film industry — provided the young blood works with integrity and works hard at creativity. And the financiers coming from shoddy backgrounds who presently rule over story lines should be replaced by educated, intelligent writers, producers, directors, etc. I know that the industry can be revived, as I am a businessman who has taken opportunities as they came and I see opportunity here as well. A few bad patches doesn’t mean the end of the world. One example is Ajab Gul’s Kyun Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai, which has not only received a fantastic response but is being termed as a hit. Hence, I reiterate that the show must go on.”

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