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Firaq' Handwriting...From the Book ' FIRAQ GORAKHPURI ' Selected Poetry  by K C Nanda that I am reading..

Ab tum se rukhsat hota huun
Aao sanbhaalo saaz e Gazal ,
Naye taraane chherro
Meray nagmon ko neend aati hai..

Now I beg leave of you,
Come, Take over this lyre,
Sing some newer songs,
My songs are feeling sleepy now...

Firaq' Gorakhpuri..
8/4, Bank Road

March1, 1967...

What is good poetry ?Let us examine what Firaq' Gorakhpuri has to say.....

Khoobi e lafz O Bayaan se kuchh siwa,
Shaairi ko sahiri darkaar hai...

Doston kaafi nahin chashm e khirad,
Ishq ki bhi roshini darkaar hai..

Khatraa e Bisiyaar daani ki kasam,
ilm mein bhi kuchh kami darkaar hai...

Shaairi hai sar ba sar tehzeeb e qalb,
Iss ko gham shaaistagi darkaar hai..


Beyond the trick of style and speech,
Poetry needs a magic touch as well...

Friends ! Wisdom alone is not enough,
Light of love is also it's need.

By the hazard of knowledge, I swear,
Too much of lore is a bane indeed..

Poetry civilizes the world of heart,
And then Sorrow makes this task complete...

(Autar Mota)

Source for this post is Sh. K C Nanda's Book FIRAQ GORAKHPURI  Selected Poetry ... With due Thanks  to the Author ..

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