Monday, November 30, 2015




Unknown Poet J N Raina (1933-2015) Sumbli has translated entire Shiv Mahimanastotra into kashmiri from sanskrit .He has compiled his manuscript in Nastliq and Devnagari script. All handwritten and needing a publisher. 

Read his Gazals and Nazms in Kashmiri.Perfect in thought, rhyme ,Rhythm and metre.

Shiv Mahimanastotra is recited in kashmiri Pandit families since ages. Known as Mahimanapaar , kashmiri Pandits recite these Sanskrit verses in praise of Lord Shiva with great devotion .The verses are believed to have been composed by Pushpadanta , a Gandharva and a divine musician in the court of king Indra.( Yendraazun Darbaar in kashmiri )..

Adds Ajay raina ( son of the  poet ),

“Autar Mota ji, my late father also had a humorous side to his personality............He wrote a parody on the legendary Master Zinda Kouls's immortal "Sumran Panin Dichanum " way back in the 80s.......and went on adding stanzas to it from real time instances and situations over the next 30 years. He had a melodious voice and used to sing these lines with the rhyme,rhythm and tune of the original. Some   Kashmiri Leelas written by my father  were composed by Sh Kishen Langoo ji some twenty years back,the voice being rendered by my wife Lovely Chandra “

Two Couplets of the poet, 

Yetti zaalaan chhiyee Ropp'a Tchaangien munz
Adda phae'l armaan Rataa Daeivv hawas,
Yetti sonaa kabaruñn munz vadraavaan
Mosoom dilich dubraai lagaai..

Assi vuchh Harduyee Assi Kyaah Chhaa Khabar
Luvv kyaah Gayee Kithha-kanie Tooer Pholaan,
Vaen Tcheir Seythaa Guvv Kathh Aayukh
Heith Soant Tche Yuthh V’raanuss munz….

(Autar Mota)

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