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(Mobile Photo.. Autar Mota )

He is Tilak Raj Sharma fondly known as Pandit Ji.The man known to jammuites for about five decades for his delicious Desi Ghee ka Halwa..Remember his City Chowk Halwa Outlet.No dryfruits.No silver foils .Just sujji, sugar ,Desi Ghee and love.He serves you in the traditional Doona made from dry leaves.No plates or Cups.His customers include Traders, Professionals,Govt employees, students and tourists. Taste it once from his new Gole Pully ,Talab Tillo,Jammu outlet.

And remember to visit him before 8.30AM as it is all over by 9.00 AM everyday.

And to me , he said,

" My old customers still visit me from their New colonies.Some Jain families from Jain Nagar ,Talab Tillo ,Jammu , forced me to restart this venture that I had left in 2009.No person shall carry forward this legacy as my children are busy with their jobs.In city chowk , during winter season , my customers included Darbaar move employees.

 Autar Ji , i am not a businessman. I just serve my patrons selling pure Desi Ghee Halwa at Rs 120/_ per Kg.This is my pooja and Araadhana to my lord.Otherwise god has been kind to me and provided me enough for two time meals .Yes he should keep me healthy to serve everyone with love.Serving people makes me happy and satisfied."

And in Talab Tillo area of Jammu City , his latest customers  include the Gentle ladakhi students who study in various colleges of the city.I asked a  gGirl student from Leh ( Ladakh )  as to what is so special about his Halwa and she said,

"Pandit Ji is like a father .so humble ,so god fearing and so polite. His morning smile makes our day .And then he is selling it very cheap. I think he makes it on no profit basis.He uses purest Desi Ghee .I like the semi burnt portion that sticks to the Pan .He says Treid in his  dogri language.Two kashmiri breads for rupees six  , 100 gms of Halwa and a cup of tea makes good breakfast for we students .
Unfortunately he finishes all by 8.30 or 9.00.So we have to get up early when we want to have it.And in a way that is also good for our Health "

(Autar Mota )

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