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           ( Mobile Photographs by Autar Mota )

Kanneiy  Shraan (The sacred Purification Bath)

Koonzan Tcho'nn cheiyee kanikke cho'raai,
Go'rr tai moa'll chhuyee go'dd diwaan.

( Four little girls stand at four corners,
While your Guru and father put water over you)

So sang the ladies in their Vanvun (traditional singing )..

Kanneiy Shraan is an important ritual in a marriage ceremony of a Kashmiri Pandit boy or girl. It is performed before the marriage day or Lagan ceremony and forms  a part of the  Devgun (invoking blessings of gods) ritual. The would be  bride or bridegroom is given a bath by the priest and the father with water that has milk ,honey and flower petals. A cloth is used to pour water and this cloth is held straight by four little girls standing at four corners. Thereafter the   would be bride or bridegroom's maternal aunt (wife of mother's brother) applies curd or   turmeric paste to the would be bride or bridegroom to give him or her  another fresh water  bath .  The would bride or bridegroom is then dressed up and brought to Devgun venue by his or her Mama (Mother's brother) .
(Avtar Mota )
  Curd has been used since ancient periods for skin treatment especially to  prevent wrinkles and aging. It is also prescribed by present day Ayurveda doctors.  It has been established scientifically that the lactic acid present in the curd helps in shedding the dead cells from the skin and also fights against wrinkles and early signs of aging. Apart from this, the lactic acid also helps moisturize the skin leaving it soft and supple.

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