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S. Mohinder (   Mohinder Singh Sarna ..Born 1925 at Montgomery now in Pakistan ) is a music Director whom I admire and adore . He has been trained into Raag shastra by the legend known as Bhai Samund singh ( who sang “kal Taran Guru Nanak Aaya ” ) and then by many musicians at Benaras where the family moved from Lyallpur ( Now in Pakistan ) during the partition of the country . 

S Mohinder finally moved to Mumbai and was a permanent music director with FILMISTAN STUDIO. Happy and successful in Mumbai, he suddenly decided to move to USA in 1982 .
The music that  S. Mohinder composed for the superhit Punjabi  film NANAK NAAM JAHAAZ HAI remains unmatched to this day.For this film  , he requested his Guru and the legend Samund singh ji to sing the soulful shabd KAL TARAN GURU NANAK  AAYA.

I shall only quote two compositions of this great but forgotten musician. These are sufficient to put him in the category of Great Masters of Indian Cinema and Music.

1 Guzra Huvaa Zamaana aata Nahin Dubaara Hafiz Khuda Tumhaara for 1956 movie sheerin Farhaad sung By Lata Mangeshkar .This became a song of the subcontinent .

2 Re Munn Aisso kar sanyaasa ( O mind ! The asceticism be practiced in this way..Poetry Of Guru Gobind Singh ji ) sung soulfully by Aasha Bonsale .

( Autar Mota 15.06.2014 )

Bhai samund singh ji ( 1900-1972 ) was also an approved artist of AIR Lahore . He also performed Shabd Kirtan at Gurdwara Janam Asthan- Nankana Sahib for more than 7 years .One of the great admirers of Samund singh ji was ustad Bade Ghulam Ali khan sahib. Samund singh ji was equally at home in Dhrupad , khayal and Thumri.

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