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I remember the elegant room of My mother’s cousin Prof .Surrinder Tiku ( Botany ) on the top floor of their house at Gada Kocha, Zaina kadal in Srinagar . His radio set was always on. And he was an avid listener of Ameen Sayani’s BINACA GEETMALA on Radio Ceylon. The programme also attracted my attention .

The announcer had a honeyed voice .He would start in his golden voice with words

“Behnon Aur Bhaaiyon ”

And  Whenever kashmiris woud buy a Radio or transistor set , they would ask the Shopkeeper ' Yathh chhaa radio Ceylon iwaan . Talaah Haav "  meaning  “Does this set catch Radio ceylon. Just show.” That was all meant to listen  Ameen sayani's voice and Binaca Geet Mala . .
That was the magical effect of Amin sayani’s presentation .

I believe this programme had the largest listeners base in the subcontinent even after the name of was changed to CIBACA GEETMALA in 1983.

In between you had advertisements .To quote one

The programme continued till 1988 on Radio Ceylon where after it was broadcast from AIR Vividh Bharati till 1994. Adds Ameen Sayani..

“ Believe me , BINACA GEETMALA  was the only Radio  programme that  has received  highest number of letters from listeners  uptil now.’’

Ameen sayani ( Born 1932 ) became the most loved Radio broadcaster in the country . He was also associated with films and journalism. Ameen belongs to a nationalist family that was associated with country" s freedom struggle . His mother was a Gandhian . She edited fortnightly RAHBAR, Published in Hindi Gujrati and urdu , dedicated to Education of underprivileged . The magazine was started by Gandhi ji .

On being awarded Padamshri Ameen sayani adds

"Thankfully, my spirit remained as strong as when I started out as a Naye Bharat ka Naya Naujawan, as I come from a family actively involved in the freedom struggle. It feels nice that broadcasters are being recognized  and I am grateful and happy because it is more of a feather in radio's cap than mine. And when I say radio, I mean both those who make radio shows and those who listen to them. For in my case by God's grace I always had a very large family of dedicated listeners - I use the term 'family' because they considered me like a son .”

Ameen Sayani had a happy marriage with Rama Muttu . Rama was from a kashmiri Pandit family  and  died some years ago . Rama was  daughter of    Jeevan lal Muttu and Smt.Sheoraj Sapru Muttu  .

He lives with his son Rajil and daughter in Law Krishna in Mumbai . He has still enough to deliver to his lovers .

( Autar Mota 23.06.2014 )
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