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Kamleshwar or kamleshwar Prasad Saxsena ( 1932-2007 ) is a well known name in the field of films , Journalism , Television and Hindi Literature . His novel KITNAY PAKISTAN ( How many Pakistans ? ) is perhaps the finest Novel in Hindi that represents new sensibilities that were brought to Hindi literature by men like NIrmal Verma ,Mohan Rakesh and Bisham Sahni . Kamleshwar also belonged to this group .And Kitnay Pakistan won him a sahitya Academy award . He was also honoured with Padma Bushan award in 2005.

He was born in Mainpuri ( UP ) and did his post graduation At Allahabad .He wrote script for some successful films like Aandhi , Rajnigandha , Burning Train , Pati patni Aur woh, and many more . He edited the popular Hindi Magazine SARIKA  and the widely read Hindi news papers DAINIK JAGARAN and DAINIK BHASKAR apart from writing   more than 300 short stories and  10 Novels .

Kamleshwar also rose to become Additional Director General In DOOR DARSHAN wherein he wrote some memorable TV serials like chanderkanta ,Akash ,Darpan and Yug.

His contribution to Indian literature is massive and unforgettable . One thing that he did during his life time can never be forgotten . He compiled 14 Books for RAJPAL AND SONS (Publishers 1590 , Madrasa Road Kashmiri Gate , Delhi …Email sales @rajpalpublishing .com Tel. 011-23869812 and 011-23865483 ). These books contain finest and short stories that were written in kashmiri , Punjabi, Konkani, Urdu , Marathi , Gujrati , Malyalam , Tamil, Telgu , Oriya , Sindhi , Dogri , Manipuri and Nepali . A great job done and for this the nation shall be always thankful to him. The books have been compiled in Hindi and he involved well known writers for translation of these stories to Hindi. A panorama so enchanting and so vast for a Hindi knowing person . Thanks kamleshwar . Thanks for this grand effort.

I have with me his kashmiri short stories book and I propose to finish reading this book very shortly. Assisted by his friend and noted kashmiri and Hindi writer Prof Hari krishen kaul, these short stories have been translated to Hindi either by the writers themselves or by other well known hindi knowing writers from Kashmir that include Shamboo Nath Bhat Haleem , Prof Hari Krishen Kaul, Gauri shanker Raina ,Arjun Dev Majboor ,Satish Vimal ,K D Nagpal ,Rattan lal Shant , Kshema kaul , and Onkar Kaul .

The writers whose stories have been covered by Kamleshwar in this book are Dina Nath Naadim , Akhtar Mohi Ud Din, Amin Kamil, Arjun Dev Majboor , Ali Mohd Lone , Autar krishen Rehbar, Amar Malmohi, Abdul Gani Beg Atahar , Afaaq Aziz, Onkar Kaul , Umesh Kaul , Gulshan Majeed , Gauri Shanker Raina , Chaman Lal Hakhu , Jawahar Lal Saroor , Deepak Kaul , Nissar Naseem , Majrooh Raashid , M. Nissa , Moti Lal Saqi , Dr Mehfooza Jan , Bashir Akhtar , Bashir Atahar , Bansi Nirdosh , Rattan lal Shant , Vijay Mam, Sufi Ghulam Mohd , Som Nath Zutshi , Hari krishen kaul ,and Hriday Kaul Bharti.

Kamleshwar died in 2007 after a massive heart attack. The manuscript of this compilation remained with his wife Gayatri ( a writer herself known for her book “ Mera Humsafar : Kamleshwar ”) who finally got it published in 2012. A Treat and a pleasure for lovers of literature . 
Rest in Peace kamleshwar , You have done a great job . I started the book yesterday and was reminded of Faiz today . I have also  rendered these urdu  lines of Faiz  Ahmed faiz to simple english ..

Raat yuun Dil mein teri Khoyee huyee yaad aayee
Jaisay veerane mein chupke se bahaar Aa jaaye
Jaise sahraon mein haule se chale baade naseem
Jaise Beemar ko bewajhaa qaraar Aa jaaye
( Faiz Ahmed Faiz )

Last night , A runaway  memory of you glided into my heart ,
As if a wasteland was silently visited by  a spring  surge  ,
As if  some gentle wind came surfing through a desert  ,
Or as if  someone unwell ,for no reason ,  suddenly felt recovered  ……
Or as someone sick , for no reason , felt reclaimed ……

( Autar Mota 9.06.2014 )

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