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                                            ( Photo source . Wikipedia Veil or Ghoongat  )

(Do away with your veil ( illusion ) and you shall meet your beloved ( Divine Lord ) ”

When Bulo C Rani , Talented Film Music Director and singer of yesteryears ( Died 1993 ) was advised by Kedar Sharma ( Film Director ) to compose Music for the above Bhajan for his movie JOGAN , He brought in Geeta Dutt ( Roy ) to sing it in her Moving voice . The Bhajan turned instant Hit. The Movie was a box office hit of 1950 that earned a hefty net amount of 62 Lakhs for the producer Chandu Lal Shah . Through Geeta Dutt ’s ( Roy ) voice , these immortal words of kabir spread to the entire length and breadth of the country .
Lately , I heard these words once more ; Playback singer Sukhvinder sang this Kabir Bhajan with A R Rehman’s music for “ RANJHANA” ( A 2013 Hindi Movie ). The movie broke many previous records at the Box office .

It is pertinent to clarify that this is not a Meera Bhajan as generally  believed   . The words belong to Kabir .

Adds Well Known German Multi-instrumentalist Prem Joshua

“I fell in love with the words of Meera and Kabir after I got to understand their deeper meaning. I really felt like putting that onto contemporary music. My knowledge of Hindi is limited, but I got some really good English translations of their work which helped me understand their poetry . Kabir is a Great Philosophy . I love the lines “ Ghoongat Ke Pat Khol ”.We brought two great songs to our Album ; one “Aissi laagi Lagan by Meera and the second “ Ghoongat Ke Pat Khol “ by Kabir .


Ghoongat is a veil or a Headscarf worn by ladies to cover their head and face . The practice is still prevalent in rural areas and also in some joint families. Those who wear a sari, make Ghoongat from its one end to cover their face and head . It is a mark of respect for elders ( males ) by the woman who are supposed to follow this practice .
The Veil or Ghoongat that kabir is talking about is a bigger Ghoongat or The veil of ignorance . Unless the covering from the face is removed and eyes are made to see freely , the glimpse of the beloved can never be had. Never by peeping from within the veil. Never by removing the veil partly .

Kabir repeatedly talks about five impediments that put a veil on human beings or create a Maaya Jaal for them. He believes that the five impediments that veil us are Kaam ( Lust ) , Krodh ( Anger ) , Lobh ( Greed ) , Moh ( Attachment ) and Ahankaar ( Ego ). According to him the illusory veil made from these five threads has to be done away with to set the mind free . That alone shall help in seeking our reunion with the beloved . That alone shall clear all impediments  and set the mind free . Kabir believes that those who did it , may be one in a lakh or even lesser , finally realized that the colour of the blood that flows in the veins of human beings on this planet is only Red. Yes just one colour like the supreme master who too is a single entity . Kabir adds that Once the Veil or the Ghoongat is removed , the unstruck music within that keeps chiming day and night can be listened with delight. .

Here goes the original Kabir Bhajan with my simple English rendering

"Ghoonghat ke pat khol re,
Toko peev mileingay.

Ghat ghat mein wah saain ramataa,
katuk vachan mat bol re.
Dhan Joban kaa garva na keejai,
Jhoothaa *Panch Rang Chol re.

Shoonya Mahal mein diyanaa baari le,
Aasaa se mat dol re.
Yog yugati se Rang Mahal mein,
Peev Paayo Anamol re.

Kahai Kabir Aanand Bhayo hai,
Baajat *Anahata Dhol Re.”

(Kabir )

“Do away with your veil ( illusion )
And you shall meet your beloved ( Divine lord )
The lord resides in every living Creature ,
Why speak ill words against any one ?
Flaunt not this wealth and your Youth,
Deceptive is your Drum music that carries five notes.

Shake off not your hope ,
Light a lamp within and illuminate
this Palace like vacant space .
In the Colourful Palace within ,
You can meet your priceless beloved only
By Perfecting the Skill of meditation .

Kabir says by this practice ,
You attain supreme bliss
That keeps the inner music Chiming day and night .

(Autar Mota 09.04.2014 )


• Paanch Rang Chol … Kabir Frequently makes mention of FIVE in his verses . For him this Five is deeply connected with our body and being . Again as per Hindu scriptures , Human body is composed of Panch-Tatva or Five elements . These are: Prithivi ( Earth), Jal ( Water), Agni ( Fire), Vayu (Air) and Aakaash (Space). Again , Human mind is also deeply influenced five senses which are the senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight . Kabir is of the view that these senses need to be put under control else they may drift the mind towards evil . Coming to above verse in specific , Kabir intends to convey that the Veil that we put on our head in this journey of life, has been spun from five type of threads . He believes that these threads blind us and do not allow us to see freely. According to him ,these threads are impediments . He believes that the five impediments that veil us are Kaam ( Lust ) , Krodh ( Anger ) , Lobh ( Greed ) , Moh ( Attachment ) and Ahankaar ( Ego ). According to him the illusory veil made from these five threads has to be done away with to set the mind free . That alone shall help in seeking our reunion with the master .

*Anhata Dhol . Or the Internal uninterrupted Music . This is linked to the Vedic Concept of ANAHATA NAAD or Unstruck internal Music Sounds or sound within the Body . Kashmir’s Shaivism also refers to ANHATA NAAD or Latent force as the state of spiritual growth caused by the awakening of KUNDALINI at the MULADHAARA chakra ( Close to the base of the spinal column ) when the internal music starts to reverberate somewhere near the Anahata chakra ( close to the level of heart ) .
Some Vedic Scholars have commented that hearing such subtle sounds or NAAD is a sign of spiritual growth in the middle of the Journey . It is not the end in itself . ANAHATA NAAD is also referred to as the cosmic sound within that is devoid of any external vibration. This is an ultimate Sound that transcends space and time, a sound that has no beginning or end.

( Autar Mota 10.04.2014 )

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