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( Verinaag Spring also known as Neeel Naag . Source of River Vitasta or Jhelum in kashmir )
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BOLNAA KAA  KAHIYE   RE BHAI ( Brother !   Spoken words are Great )

 We were there at 5AM. The Eerie  silence inside the Golden Temple  was soothing . A time for contemplation. Yesterdays thoughts washed off. The mind  wakes up   afresh for the day. The world within is calm and   Noiseless and so is the outside   . The Sikh scriptures hail it as Amrit Vela or the Divine Time . A time  for  Naam Japa  or reciting the name of that lone  Akaal Purukh ( Deathless Entity )  . When we went inside the  Sanctum Sanctorum , The Raagi was singing  Kabir’s Nirguna Bhajan .
Bolnaa Kaa kahiye Re Bhai ( Brother !   Spoken words are Great )

I had heard this Bhajan many times ; Once live from   Raagi Harjinder Singh (  Srinagar Wale..  Baba !  Bolnaa Kyaa kahiye  ). The words of kabir are  soul stirring .This Kabir Bhajan has been  incorporated in the Holy Guru Granth sahib by Guru Arjun Dev ji .

Kabir has always laid stress on the discipline of the  spoken  word. He believes that  Man gets  trapped by his own   thought , word and deeds.  A thought created in the mind gives rise to words and finally the action or deeds . Good thoughts create good words and good deeds  so do bad thoughts foul our mouth and drive us towards misdeeds . The skill lies in  handling thoughts . Those who give words to every thought  get trapped  or enmesh themselves in the  Maaya Jaal.  Kabir believes that The Tongue is our  Access Pass to the world. Used properly , every door opens itself  for us  but if abused or misused , every door locks itself  .

 (Shabd Baraabar Dhan Nahin  Jo Koyee jaane Bol
Heera To Daamon Mile Shabd Ke Mol Na Tol  )
 ( Kabir )

 (No wealth equals the spoken word
 Should a person know the skill of the speech .
For diamond can also be bought for a price
but Spoken word remains priceless and no Balance can weigh it  .)

Aisee Vaani Boliye, Mun Ka Aapa Khoye
Apna Tan Sheetal Kare, Auran Ko Sukh Hoye
( Kabir )
  (Speak such words, as are free from the Trap of the Ego,
 Then alone this  Body be  calm and the listener shall turn Joyful)

Mukh Aave soyee kahe Bole Nahin Vichaar
Hatey Paraayi Aatmaa Jeeb Bandhi Talwaar
( Kabir )

Some people say whatever comes up to their mouth  ,
Never do they  ponder  before their speech
Such words that disturb the  soul of the listener
Alas ! They carry a sword upon their tongue  .

And then the silence . For Kabir it remains the universal speech.   For kabir , Silence is the final language of spirituality .

Here goes the  Nirguna Bhajan  of Kabir “Bolnaa kaa Kahiye Re Bhai  ” with my simple English rendering …

Bolnaa Ka Kahiye Re Bhai

Bolat Bolat Tät Namayee
Bolat Bolat Badhe Bikara
Bin Bolyan Kyon Hoyee Bichara
Sant Mile Katchu Kahiye Kahiye
Mile Asant Mushti Kari Rahiye
Gyani Suun Bolyan Hitkari
Moorakh Suun Bolyan Jhakh Mari
Kahe Kabir Aadha Ghat Dole
Bharya Hoyee Tau Mushan Na Bole
( Kabir )

 Brother !   Spoken words are Great
 But Spoken words  veil  the truth also .
Spoken words also lead to confusion .
But then without speaking how can one converse,
Should you meet a  saint then talk you should  ,
Keep silent should you come across an imp ,
What a blessing is it to talk to the wise ?
What a waste of time talking to the Fool ?
And then Kabir says
 The half filled always makes noise
While fulfilled keeps quiet ..
 ( Autar  Mota 03.04.2014 )

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