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                          (  Tented Accommodation on Sandy Banks of River Ganga Near Rishikesh.)


                                (   EVENING TIME VIEW OF RIVER GANGA NEAR RISHIKESH  )

.River Ganga covers a distance of more than 2500 kms in India . Not just another river that carries water down from the Gangotri Glacier in Upper Himalayas, Ganga ( also Known as Bhagirathi up above Devprayag) is a symbol of India’s civilization and Culture . Many small streams or large rivers join GREAT GANGA in its downward journey . Some major tributaries joining GANGA directly or indirectly could be named as Yamuna , Chambal , Ghagra , Gandhak , Kosi , Mahananda and Son .

Who can deny the influence of river Ganga and Benaras in kabir’s philosophical Verses ? And then Sidhartha or Budha too gave his first sermon at Sarnath near Ganga river .

Chiraag e Dair (The Temple's Lamp), A Persian Masanavi written as a praise poem for the city of Banaras and river Ganga , poet Mirza Ghalib believes river Ganga at Banaras as the place for man's ultimate salvation and freedom . The Masanavi has 108 couplets and verses . Number 108 is sacred to Hindus and has been mentioned in various ancient religious Texts .Ganga river too has 108 names duly mentioned in various ancient Texts . And Ghalib appears to be conscious of relevance and importance of this number .
According to Ghalib
Ganga is like a mother to Hindus. She nurtures, gives life, dispenses grace, must be worshipped and ultimately takes you back in the form of your ashes. ”

Referring to the settlement of Aryans along the Banks of River Ganga, Allama Iqbal added

Aey Aab e Rood e Ganga woh din hai yaad tujh ko
Utaraa Teray kinaaray Jab Carwaan hamaara .

(Oh, waters of the river Ganges! Do you remember those days?
Those days when our Caraawan halted on your banks?)

Sahir Ludhianavi wrote

“Kitaney Suraj Ubharey-Duubey ganga tere Dwaare ,
Yugon-yugon ki katha sunaayein tere bahatey dhaare
Tujh-ko chhod ke Bhaarat ka itihaas likha na jaaye..

Ganga Tera Paani Amrit ……”

The Great Shehnai Player Ustad Bismillah Khan used to call it “Ganga Maiyaa ” or “Mother Ganga ”reverentially. Conard Rooks ( 1934-2011 ) , well known American Film Producer and Director picturized it extensively in his well known movie Sidhartha ( 1972 ) .

Names of some prominent GANGA lovers that come to my mind at the moment are Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru ,Rebel poet Kazi Nazr Ul Islam , Urdu Poet Ali Sardar Jafri ,American Author Mark Twain ( 1835-1910 ), late George Harrison of Beatles ( His widow Olivia immersed his ashes in river Ganga as per his will ), Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore ,Mother Teresa , Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shanker , Lal Bahdur Shastri , Siddeshwari Devi ( Khayal singer ) Samta Prasad ( Tabla Player ), Birju Maharaj ( kathak Maestro ) and Prince Charles .

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