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Abdul Ahad Azad (1903–1948) was a well known Modern Kashmiri poet . He was one of the pioneers of the modernist movement in kashmiri poetry . A rebel, Progressive and revolutionary . Inspite of so many labels to his person and poetry , Azad always conveyed the core Lyrical feel of kashmiri language through his poems. He was a stalwart who never compromised with his beliefs .

Abdul Ahad Azad was a younger contemporary of Mehjoor. Mehjoor was his guru but Azad died before Mehjoor. He was a selfless writer who wrote with Missionary zeal and conviction. His poetry bears the influence of Allama Iqbal and Marxism. He was dissatisfied with the prevailing social order . The Socialist Russia gave a new hope to many writers in the world and Azad could not escape this influence . His patriotic poems , Gazals and some poems like  Daryaav, Shikwa-i Iblis, Pan Tchaadar bear the stamp of his unique and sweet style. Besides being a gifted poet, Azad is first major literary critic from kashmir who authored the book KASHMIRI ZUBAAN AUR SHAIIRI (Kashmiri language and poetry),. This major work ( in three volumes) of the poet was published after his death.

Like Albert Camus , John Keats and  Parveen Shakir, he too died very young. I quote a sample of his poetry ..

Suuli Foall Yaavun Myon Gilli Toora
Naara Vuzmalnnie Khaara Thhaavaan
Athhaa Chhuss Mooraan Baal Mastoora
Sunn Dithh Goam Sannie Tchoora Ouss ….

Yaavun Myon Ouss Sonaa Kunn-dhoora
Nazneen Paanuss Graayee Maraan
Doah Taara Kormuss Vaara Goor a Goora
Sunn Dithh Goam Sannie Tchoora Ouss ….

( Abdul Ahad Azad )

My youth visited me too early like the early flower
Even the fiery lightning envied it .
Alas ! It turned out to be a thief who stole all my possessions ;
And Having robbed this girl ,
I just grieve over my loss .

My youth was like the Golden earring
That hung gracefully over my gorgeous body .
I too played with it for a brief period ,
Alas ! It turned out to be a thief

who stole all my possessions………

Kyaa rozii pardan tchhaai tchaai soz e Jigar myon ..
Kar feiri sabzi lol baagus neiri yi shar myon..
Faulaad tchopum naar tcholum khoon- e Jigar ch'om,
Az taam Tche ro'ss kaensi kunn pyaav na ya sar myon

(Abdul Ahad Azad)

How long more tell me,
How long shall  the painful music within me
 remain concealed?
When shall the greenery finally visit this desolate  garden  of love ?
When shall the desires within reach  fulfillment ?

In pain,
 I ate steel,
Endured the blaze,
And drank my own heart's oozing blood,
And to this day,
I submitted to none
Except you and you alone

And some lines from his Poem Daryaav or river

Tsalaan chhum shar hubaaban iztaraaban valavalan andhar
Yivaan chhum zindagee hound so’z safran manzilan andhar
Kaneiyan khambryan kayan khraashan pakaan chhuss manz gaṭtan gaashan
Na chhus mȯhtaaj shaabaashan na chhus mushtak gindabaashan
Yuthuy chhus raata kruu̇lan manz tyuthuy chhus bulbulan andhar
( Abdul Ahad Azad )

Finding release in boiling bubbles, in tumultuous thundering I am
Finding my muse of life in distant destinations, in wild wandering I am
Through rocks and ravines, cracks and crevices, I run night, I run day
I neither bank on anyone’s praise, nor do I pause for passionate play
What I am among bats, among bulbuls the same thing I am.

( Translation by Sualeh Keen)

Unkind we have been to the memory of this great soul...

( Autar Mota  01.10.2013 )

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  1. Beautiful blog.
    Azad Sahab has not received the recognition he deserved both by the public and the state though considered one of the best modern poet of Kashmiri literature.
    May rest in peace.


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