Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Autumn Brings many colours in kashmir . It also brings some fruits . One of the autumn fruits in the market these days is the TREIL ( Small sized apple ). I can not recollect its exact English equivalent . Those who see my blog can favour me with english name of this fruit.

Any way this juicy fruit is everywhere in Bazars these days . In Dalgate area , it is sold for Rs80 per Kg. Near NAAZ cinema , i purchased it for Rs40 per Kg. It is juicy , full of Iron and sweet to taste . Pretty good for our health.Even a look at the fruit is mouthwatering . Enjoy Treil with some lines from a Gazal of of Dr Rahi Masoom Raza .

Ajnabi Shehar ke ajnabi Raaste , Meri Tanhai Par Muskaraate rahe

Mein Bahut Deir tak Yun Hi Chaltaa Rahaa ,Tum Bahut Deir Tak Yaad Aate rahe

Zakhm Jab Bhi Koi Zehno Dil Ko Milaa Zindgi ki taraf ek Dareechaa khulaa

Hum Bhi Goyaa Kissi Saaz Ke taar hain ,Choat Khaate Rahe Gungunaate Rahe

( Dr Rahi Masoom Raza )

This unknown city and its unfamiliar paths , Kept smiling on my loneliness .

Love! i kept on pulling this existence with your memory continuing its frequent visits to me .

Life kept opening other doors for survival while time kept inflicting wounds on this body and soul,

O we lived like the string of musical instrument , generating finer tunes with every pull of existence..

A modern poet of Aligarh, late Rahi Masoom Raza, joined films at the fag end of his life. He wrote the screen play for the mega epic Mahabharata beamed on small screen. Raza sahib was a sensitive poet who had command over English , Hindi and urdu

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  1. Mota Sahib,
    Decades have passed since we tasted a Treil. Your post has somewhat made up the shortfall.

  2. Thanx , if u so desire i can send u Treil


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