Saturday, October 3, 2009


One of the beautiful places to see in Kashmir is the AHARBAL WATER FALL.In fact so thrilling is the beauty of this water fall that one tries to go near and near to it and keep watching it for hours together . The water fall of 24.4 metres is created by river VESHAV( VISHNU PAAD ) as it moves further down from KUNGWATTAN area to join river JHELUM or VITASTA at SANGAM (just near BIJBIHARA Bridge) . The source of River VESHAV is KOUNSER NAAG Lake . As a matter of fact there are two water falls . Another fall just fifty metres below the main fall is about 7 metres in height . The roar of this fall with mist created by water vapours looks horribly beautiful.The fall provides a potential to generate about 100 Megawatts of Hydroelectric power for this Power starved state . There have been many accidents near the fall. In fact during our college days a picnic by Physics Department of University of Kashmir ended in a tragedy . A girl slipped into the fall and a boy jumped to save her life . Both perished in this watery grave . I am informed by Ghulam Hassan a casual employee of Aharbal Development Authority that accidents do take place every year as visitors try to go close to the Fall even when proper fencing and view spots have been created around.
The water fall is about 76 kms from Srinagar city if we take a shorter route via PULWAMA and SHOPIAN . The other route is through KHANNABAL and KULGAM . This route is a little longer roughly 95 kms from Srinagar city . From Shopian town the actual Fall site is about 16 Kms. One has to go down just 100 well laid out steps, duly fenced to reach the fall from the car parking area of AHARBAL.Entire area is being developed by AHARBAL DEVELOPMENT AYTHORITY. Restaurants , Huts for night staying , Tea stalls , and view spots are fast coming up. The area is mostly inhabited by Gujjars and Pahari speaking people though some kashmiris also live in and around AHARBAL.Just 3 kms from SHOPIAN Town near village CHOWGAM, a road branches to BAFLIAZ ( POONCH ) . The road is known as Mughal Road. Rapid construction activity is going on this 75 Kms road connecting SHOPIAN with BAFLIAZ . I have been familiar with BAFLIAZ since my school days as Krishen Chander ( renowned urdu writer of the subcontinent ) would mention this name repeatedly in his stories and novels . He hailed from this area only. Mughals used to come to kashmir through this road only. In 1819 AD, the sikh army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh marched through this road only from LAHORE to defeat the AFGHANS of Kabul and later rule Kashmir . A Pitched Battle was fought in SHOPIAN town. In village Chowgam , the Ziyarat of Sheikh Nur Ud Din or Alam Daare Kashmir is also frequented by people of the area . The sheikh is reported to have meditated ( done IBBADAT ) in this area as well. Enjoy the views and a video of this water  fall  with some lines from a kashmiri poem of Dina Nath Naadim

Che Naar Chhuk Aalaav Chhuk ,
Che Yaavnuk Jalaav Chhuk .
Che Neir Koh Te Vun Chatith,
Toofaan Tul Toofaan Bun .
Che Meere Karwaan Bun ,
Kasheere Paasbaan Bun

( Dina nath Naadim )

Thou art the Fire and the Fury ,
Thou art the blaze of the restless youth .
Tearing apart the mountains and the jungles,
Thou come out and make thy way.
Create change and be the agent of this change ,
For thou art the Meer of the Karwaan of Kashmir .
I implore thee to become protector of Kashmir too.

(Avtar Mota)


  1. Thanx . Keep visiting to know kashmir the unforgetable place on earth .

  2. Thanks Autar-ji for this post. We used to go to Aharbal for school picnics. But it was totally undeveloped back then. So beautiful.

  3. Waterfalls implore international understanding & promote universal tourism.Niagara falls in America invite mind boggling 28 million tourists to the spot.Imagine the multidisplined business of hotels,lodges,camping sites, helicopter sightseeing, vessal ship rides besides generation of 4.4MK of power.Politically it bridges between Canada & America; can Aharbal unite Jammu tourists to valley initially to be followed by India/Pakistan through Mughal road

  4. Aharbal has a great potential for what you say. I have seen Niagara on Television . It is surely great . I also say that our Aharabal is equally splendid. Both are not comparable .Any one who comes to this fall is certainly mesmerised by natural beauty .

  5. AHARBAL is a beautiful place in SHOPIAN>.i want give massage to all persons whom visit kashmir do not forget to visit this place. through new opening MUGHAL ROAD it is very easy to reach this place from JUMMU....... I AM BILAL AHMAD

  6. Above the water fall is wonderful locations. I enjoyed all this places.


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