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I had made good company with my father till I cleared my middle school examination. He was my constant companion. I believed every word he spoke to me . I thought perhaps he was the most informed person on the earth to feed my quest for knowledge as the world gradually had started opening up to me . He introduced me to the poetry of Allama Iqbal and his kashmiri connections . later my quest for scientific knowledge and logic brought me close to my maternal Uncle Janki Nath Tiku an accomplished Engineer by profession.He also taught me excellent mathematics , Physics and broadened my outlook for seeking any and every knowledge . He himself had good exposure to modern world as he had done his AMIE Degree in Mumbai and did some initial job in that city as well. He would talk about sharing food and accommodation in Shere punjab Hotel with Ali Sardar jafri , Sahir and others. I had gradually started withdrawing from my father 's close company and would spend more time in my maternal uncle's house . My Mama read The illustrated weekly edited by khushwant singh and the weekly Nwespaper Blitz published from Mumbai while father would subscribe to Indian Express only. But Quite often in the company of my father I would walk from Rainawari to Habba kadal area where his sister lived and he would relate stories about shops and Buildings on our route . This kept me still drawn towards him even when i spent more time at my Mama's house . One such story that he related was about Rattan Rani Hospital. Care to listen and here it goes .

            (Dr Omkar Nath Thussu) 
                        (Dr Rattan Rani )

Dr Omkar Nath Thussu had a roaring medical practice in Srinagar city prior to 1947. He had a good wife Rattan Rani by name who bore him four children . Rattan Rani was a devotee of Ragnya Goddess and would frequently visit Kheer Bhawani shrine. One Saturday , along with her family , she went to Tulamulla in a Doonga . The family stayed for the night atop a Halwai’s shop who would always cook food for them when they were in Kheer Bhawani.A devastating fire engulfed the Halwai’s shop and the entire shopping area at Tulamula . Rattan Rani and her four children including a toddler perished in this blaze . The doctor Luckily survived  as he was not with them that particular day . When he came to know about this tragedy, he was in total shock for many many  days. This tragic incidentt  changed the doctor completely. He shifted his total focus to free service to poor  and needy kashmiris by establishing a hospital in 1942 at Barbar Shah Srinagar ( presently Known as Nai Sarak )in the name of his deceased wife . The Hospital came to be known as Rattan Rani Hospital . Dr Omkar Nath ji worked as a physician and a surgeon in this hospital with a group of some dedicated kashmiris to assist him in this Noble cause. Pandits and Muslims would queue outside the hospital for free treatment . He would come late to his house for sleeping only and begin his day at 7.30 AM and end his work at 11.30 PM. This hard work started telling upon his health. Add to this he continued to remain silent and lost at his residence, lesser and lesser attending get togethers in the family . To make him a little cheerful the family started putting pressure on him for a remarriage . A proposal from influential and well connected ATAL Family of Lahore ( Old kashmiri Pandits who had migrated out during Pathan rule ) with explicit consent of Dr. Jagat Mohini MBBS from King Edward medical college Lahore was finally approved on a clear understanding that Jagat Mohini shall not seek material comforts and shall join hands with Dr Thussu in treating poor Kashmiris in the valley. The Atal family had connections with Pandit ji, Maulana Azad and even Sir sikander Hayat Khan close advisor to Quaid Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah. ( as per an An article by Mr Zahir Ud Din in a local news Paper Rising Kashmir in its edition dated 21st august 2009 ) Jagat Mohini proved and rose beyond expectations to stand by her commitment. She quickly learnt kashmiri. She went far ahead of Dr Thussu in ameliorating the pain and suffering in Kashmir especially for the helpless poor kashmiri women hailing from Pandit and Muslim community . For this she earned the affection and a nickname Mummy . Some called her Florence Nightingale of kashmir while some compared her with Mother Teresa . She stood like a rock in the valley till her death serving poor and helpless women . Alas this great lady died unsung in Kashmir on 14th June 2009.

I had the privilege to meet Dr Jagat Mohini ji several times and she continued to remain gracious, active and kind till her last breath. I know for certain that a good number of poor Pandit and Muslim women living around her hospital , got themselves operated upon by her only, quite often free. She opened knitting and embroidery centres for women. She opened a Nursing school which provided livelihood to many local women. The hospital was visited by me on 30.09.2009 when I had to visit the area for some official work . Her son Sh Ashok ji who had settled in Delhi doing good business has decided to pack up and live in Srinagar with his wife smt Promila ji. They live in the Dingy Hospital building only. Ashok ji has plans to Upgrade the present Hospital to a state of Art Medical institution and join the family tradition of serving kashmiris. He has two daughters who are well settled and married happily. 

Shri G M Bawan adds on my Facebook post:

 "  Dr Jagat Mohini was a candidate in 1977/83 elections where she was hurt by a stone pelter  but in spite of that she fought to the last. She served people tirelessly. Dr Onkar Nath was a great man .He and Kanhaya lal Koul advocate from Baramullah had become members of Kashmir Cultural Forum formed by P N Bazaz"

Dr Tamesh Tamiri adds on my Facebook post :

Dr.Thussu and poet Abdul Ahad  Azad had an association that went beyond doctor-patient relationship.They shared commonality of ideas and believed in philosophy of MN Roy, a Marxist turned humanist. Dr.K N Tiku, a relation of Dr.Thussu, poet Azad, Kanhaya Lal  Kaul, S L Yacha, Pitamber Nath   Dhar  Fani, J N Sathu,P N Bazaz, Mir Abdul Aziz, A S Yatuoo,Dr.Padam Nath  Ganjoo, Nand Lal  Wattal,  and many more  were part of a group of the group called Royists. It was Kanhaya  Lal  Kaul who introduced P N Bazaz to Roy's ideas "

(Auvar Mota )

Mama means mother's brother in kashmiri language also. . Photographs have been taken by me from Hindu High school compound in Sheetal Nath . Sh Ashok Ji son of Dr jagat Mohini has also been photographed . some photographs have poor resolution on account of the fact that my camera got a little bit damaged as it slipped from my hand in lal chowk Area . It has been given to one Mr Bashir Prop Bashir and Co in Abi Guzar area who runs the only repairs shop for cameras in the valley .

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  1. next time i'am in srinagar, i would want to visit this hospital, our staff member Mr.Muzaffar
    took us to good number of places of heritage significance around old city during my stay in valley but he never made a mention of this one.
    during my next visit I would make sure that he spares some time to take me
    this place.
    Thank you for introducing us to such noble soul
    and the impact of such souls can be felt even without getting to know them in person.
    We are waitting for much more introductions. from CHIB

  2. Thanx for the comments. Do visit this noble institution when u visit kashmir

    1. Can you please send me the contact number of a person associated with the institution...its very urgent

  3. I am making a correction in the statement given above that Dr. OMKAR NATH was with Family when devastating fire took place at TULLAMULLA , in fact Dr. Thusu was at Jammu , as he was director Drug research Laboratory at Jammu and even after a forewarning for not visiting Kheer bhawani, by Pt Manohar Lal Thusu who is Father of Dr Omakar Nath Thusu, a saintly person, in direct commune with Kheer bhawani devi, the family went ahead and went to Kheer Bhawani and the incident took place. In this fire four children’s along with Mrs Rattan rani and the dedicated faithful family servant Makahn singh perished in the fire , in all six persons died in the incident. The incident is narrated by Sh Rajinder Nath Thusu , the youngest brother of Late Dr O N Thusu.
    While in one of Visits to Srinagar in October 2008 I had a chance of Meeting Mummy and recorded her blessings

  4. Thanx for the update . I have noted and shall hence forth correct this portion of the story narrated primarily to me by my late father . Regards

  5. dr jaggat mohni was a great lady she was my mother

  6. unrest in muslim countries is creation of amarica & west as they have eye on their oil wells autocrates should realise it & step down


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