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Link Road / Shastri Nagar Jammu
( Established 1952)

I have been visiting this shop since last 30 Years. I have seen the tidy senior Sharma ji ( at the Link Road shop ) in a Tweed Coat and Raymond's  (Grey woolen ) Trousers with a Tie and cap on his head guiding his two sons . Talking to him was always enriching. He knew anybody and every body in politics, Trade and Bureaucracy . During Darbar Move, he had many Bureaucrats as his customers. If Ghulam Rasool And Sons (Residency Road Jammu ) specialized in stitching Coats and three piece suits , Sharma ji had mastery over Shirt, Night suit, Trousers, Safari suits , Kurta Pyjama stitching in Jammu. For Night suit, Trousers and Shirt stitching ,this shop still enjoys a good reputation in Jammu city. 

Senior Sharma ji is no more now. The brothers have separated . Apart from Link Road , they have set up a shop at Shastri Nagar Just opposite to Dudhadhari Temple. At both the shops, they have maintained their stitching Standard.Both the brothers stitch Men's suits and trendy Fashion apparel. Link road shop is more into Fashion and trendy apparel stitching and business .

  Although both brothers are equally  skillful  and trained,  I prefer Shastri Nagar shop. I find more compatibility with the owner of this shop. 

No match for the shirt ,Kurta Pyjama, Trousers and Night suit ( Rs600/= Current charges with Piping) that he stitches  .  Not in the entire state. He stitches  Men's suits and    Sherwanis as well. Try once and you will come to him again and again.

Both the brothers are authorized stockists and sellers of Reid And Taylor Unstitched Fabric / clothing.
(Autar Mota)

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