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At present , Hindi has  many learners in Pakistan. A language that was extinct in that country  and was  Considered as "Enemy's Language" till recent past , finds  some lovers lately  ..

 Films , Television ,Social  media  and interaction with outside world has made  many  young people to learn this language in that country . So Many  Children  , who watch Cartoon Channels  ( These are Dubbed in Hindi only ) , speak fluent Hindi .

As per News paper reports, NUML(National University Of Modern Languages)  Islamabad  and Punjab University Lahore have opened  Hindi  departments.  Urdu as it is spoken in Pakistan has also absorbed many hindi words like Shaanti, Aarop, Pati Patni, Neta,  Vivaad , Atoot ,  Aashirvaaad , Charcha  , Desh , Raksha ,Sambandh  , sarvanaash, Aadar , Satkaar ,  Aakaash,  Virodh ,  Vishvaas, samay, kripa  and many more.

" The University of Karachi once had a Hindi department, but it was later closed. Given the fact that Karachi is the bedrock of lakhs of people who trace their roots to Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Bihar, the decision of University of Karachi to shut their Hindi department is surprising. Hindi was a huge casualty of the two-Nation theory of the All-India Muslim League. It was almost wiped out from present-day Pakistan post-1947, but for the laudable initiative by NUML and University of the Punjab"

(Source ..THE PIONEER dated 14th September 2016)

Like other languages of Pakistan, Hindi too suffered due to the one nation-one-language policy of monolith Pakistan.

As per Newspaper reports, there is an acute shortage of Hindi teachers, Books and study Material.Prior to 1947, Hindi was taught in schools, colleges and universities in almost all cities over there but post 1947, it was given a very shabby treatment and made to become extinct .There is no publisher or Book seller selling Hindi Books ; Not even in Sindh . Books are imported from India .There is no scholar ( below 80 years in age ) in that country who knows Sanskrit though so many Sanskrit manuscript are lying unopened and unread in Lahore and Karachi Archives. Some korean Sanskrit scholars have shown interest to read these precious manuscripts .

It has to be understood that every language is a means of communication . It unites people.It connects you to a civilizations , cultures and experiences   . It is a bridge of hope, goodwill and love.  If hearts are  full of Love , goodwill and free from  Bias  , the hovering dark clouds of Hate, prejudice  and Mistrust  are bound to vanish . And for that, youth in this subcontinent is   the only   hope...

(Autar Mota)

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