Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Limerick Format for writing Mini poems …

I am attempting Limerick format for writing a small Verse . Limerick was used in Britain for writing Humour and satire etc. It is a five line Poem with definite Rhyme ( AABBA) . let us try other subjects/ issues in this format. A tough exercise to compress a thought from start to end in just five lines with a definite Rhyme
Here is my kashmiri Limerick poem…

Globalization has brought about Sweeping changes in Tradition and culture all over . This phenomenon is like a piece of Ice in Boiling water . How long can it hold its separate identity ?
The Limerick…( AABBA)

Sheena Tujja Beyii Grakvunn Aabaa
Toh Tamblii Galla’nus Betaaba
Mool Bo’z Par Tchhei’n
Vae’n Chhan’aa Kunni Nae’n
Ralla’nuyii Hal Draas Krooth Azaaba
( Autar Mota )

A Piece of Ice In boiling water ,
A Hurry and scurry to vanish,
in essence , Feeling cut off from the crowd,
And then Nowhere to be seen around ,
In a way ,
The merger provided a way out to its agony…

(Autar Mota )…

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