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                   ( Dr R L Shant )
              ( Sculptor Padamshri  Rajinder Tikoo speaking )
         ( Sh Triloke Kaul and  Punjabi Writer Khalid Hussain )

                       ( Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki with  PadamShri Rajinder Tikoo )
             ( Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki with Dr Agnishekhar )

         ( Music Composer and Vocalist T K Jalali and Artist Gokul Dembi ) 


DIALOGUE is a unique Initiative in our state that has come from some like minded Individuals from the field of Art, Literature, Music , Social service etc. The idea to hold Baithaks ( Sittings ) and involve youth from among various sections of the society has proved of immense utility in Bridging so many gaps . 

It is an effort towards promoting integration , Peace and goodwill through Art , literature , Music and social service . Conceived by Narinder Safaya Advocate supreme Court of India and a poet himself, it is supported by a dedicated team comprising of Prof. Arvind Gigoo (English Author)  ,  T K Jalali ( composer , Vocalist and former Principal Institute of Music and fine Arts ) ,  Makhan Lal Saraf (Doyen of Theatre Movement in J&K State)  , Shadi Lal Koul  (Well Known Theatre Artist) , Prof R L Shant ( Hindi and Kashmiri writer ) ,Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki ( Poet , Writer and Former Head ICCR Kashmir ) , Indu Bushan Zutshi ( Writer and Trade Union Leader ) , M K Santoshi ( Hindi Poet and writer ) ,  Gokul Dembi ( Artist ) Shailender Aima,  ( Social service and writer ) Autar Mota ( writer , Blogger and poet ), Jangs  Verman ( Journalist, Photographer  and writer  )  and Many More Individuals .

In every Baithak , Two Prominent persons from our State from the field of Art , Literature , Drama , Music and social Service are called to speak about their life and work to a select gathering . Every effort is made to involve youth.  Some  Baithaks (Gatherings)  are to be  exclusively held  for younger generation drawn from various sections of the society .The purpose is to acquaint them with our rich cultural past and peaceful coexistence .

In previous BAITHAKS ( Sittings ) , Sh. Triloke Kaul ( Well Known Artist ) , Sh. Makhan Lal Saraf ( Theatre )  , Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki ( Poet , writer and Former Head ICCR ) , PadamShri Rajinder Tikoo ( Sculptor ) and Prof R L Shant  were invited as  Principal speakers . BAITHAK held on 27.01.2017 was dedicated to the memory of stalwart kashmiri Poet Dina Nath Naadim..

BAITHAK 27-01-2017…

“So'nn Siendh Sangar Ro'pp Kohh Maalai
Marg Ta Baal Tchhei Poshei Posh
Ko'll Raavaan Amrit Naett Naarey
Yuthh Reishi Vaarie Vitasta Raatchh”
( Dina Nath Naadim )

“Golden are your Mountains And silvery are the peaks
The Hills and the valleys are nothing but flowers .
Pitcher loads of Nectar flows down your streams ,
And here flows river Vitasta, the Guardian of this land of Rishis..”

The fifth “Bithak” an initiative of Narinder Safaya Supreme court advocate Was held at “Sanskriti Bhawan “ Roop Nagar Janipur . This  Baithak was hosted By Autar Mota . The topic for discussion was “ The immense Contribution of Poet Dina Nath Naadim to Kashmiri Poetry “. The chief spokesperson for The event was Shri Farooq Nazki well Known Poet and Media Personality .The second session was taken up By Shri G R Hasrat Gadda known Author and writer who has recently compiled a book on Poems of Dina Nath Naadim titled “ ME CHHAM AASH PAGAHUCH “ or "I am Hopeful of Tomorrow."  Sh Gadda’s Book derives its title from a Popular Anti war poem of Naadim “Me chhum Aash Pagahuch pagaah sholi Duniya “ Or “ I am hopeful of tomorrow , This world is going to be sunlit tomorrow.” Others who attended the event included Noted writer Arvind Gigoo , Poet Ali Shaida , Poet and writer Ayaz Rasool Nazki , Theatre personality M L saraf , Music composer and Vocalist T K jalali, Theatre personality Kusum Tikoo , Noted trade union Leader and writer IB Zutshi , Well Known writer and media Personality Brij Nath Betab , Mrs Nusrat Andrabi , Writer Adarsh Ajit. Dr B l Koul, Bushan lal Raina , Writer cum Poet M K Santoshi , Social activist Shailender Aima ,Writer and journalist Jangs Verman and many more.

                                          ( M K Santoshi And Prof. Arvind Gigoo )
                                        ( G R Hasarat Gadda and T K Jalali )
                                                     ( A Group Photo )                        
                                         ( Narinder safaya and Farooq Nazki )
                    ( Prof. Arvind Gigoo < Brij Nath Betab and M K Santoshi )
       ( Dr. Ayaz rasool nazki , T K Jalali and Shailender Aima )
( Autar Mota , M L saraf ,B L Raina and I B Zutshi )
      ( Autar Mota and M L Saraf )
   ( Gathering )
    ( Gathering )
( Mrs Nusrat Andrabi , Mrs farppq Nazki , G R Hasrat Gadda and Narinder safaya )
  ( Shaliender Aima , Jangs Verman and Autar Mota )

( Kusum Tikoo , Ali Shaida ,T K jalali and Dr B L kaul )

 ( Mrs Nusrat Andrabi , Mrs Ayaz rasool Nazki and Mrs Farooq Nazki )

    ( Poet Farooq Nazki and Autar Mota )


Those who had assured but could not make it due to some exigency include Shantiveer Koul , Ravinder koul, Ramesh Hangloo , Prof. Liaqat jafri , Nida Nazwaz and Naina Saproo Trisal.

At the outset ,the gathering observed a Two Minutes silence in the memory of Poet Ghulam Nabi Firaq and some other writers/ Artists from the state who left for their Heavenly abode in December 2016/ January 2017. 

The proceedings of the Baithak were Compered by IB Zutshi.

In the first session Farooq Nazki spoke about his life , work and association with people like Prem Nath Dar , N L Chawla , Mohan lal Aima ( Through his father Mir Ghulam Rasool Nazki ), Som Nath Sadhu, Jia lal Koul Nazir , Pran Kishore , Pushker Bhan and many more. So Many beautiful Anecdotes were also narrated by him relating to his professional career and interaction with so many personalities at national level . 

Speaking about Naadim , Farooq Nazki said that Generations and generations of kashmiris shall remain indebted to The poet for his immense contribution in changing tone and texture of kashmiri poetry . He added that the knowledge of world literature that Naadim had acquired, proved of immense help in changing the canvas of kashmiri poetry . Naadim completed to perfection what Mehjoor and Azad had started , he added . He made special mention of some representative poems of Naadim like “ Naabad ta Tethvan ( Sugar Candy and Bitter poison ) “ Kaeth Darwaza Pyath Ghar Taam ( From Kathi Darwaza to residence ), Lakchhi chhu Lakchun ( Lakchhi has a mole ), Me chum Aash Pagahuch ( I am Hopeful of tomorrow ), Dal Haanzini Hundh Gyavun ( Song of a fisher woman from Dal Lake ), Shuhul Kul ( Shady Tree ) and many more, which , as per him form a part of the Great world literature. He added that use of Sonnet and Free Verse in kashmiri poetry is a gift of Naadim.

it was an emotional moment for entire gathering when Farooq Nazki read his poem "Naad Laayeiy" ( I shall Call You Back). The poem details various facets of Turmoil, Death and destruction  that visited  kashmiri valley in 1990. I quote .some select portions ...

Chhu Khoaff Daarien Barrun Awezaan,
Chhaa Aanganuss Munz Naqaab Laagithh Balaayee Praaraan,
Chhaa Byaar Phyaangaan Bonnie Goffie Munz,
Khoakhir Gaameit Aaiss Lafaz Ta Aaluv ,
Jawaan Maswal harithh Peimutch Aaiss ,
Pashunn Foalithh Aaiss Gulaal Aamit
Magar Khamaan Ouss hawaa yithh-kaein
Poahhuss Andhar Sseahh wasaan Gaamuss Andher
Taa Tchhaaraan shikaar Boachh Hoat…………..
( Farooq Nazki )

Fear dangles from doors and windows,
While the masked devil waits in the courtyard .
The cat kept mewing in its burrow dug in the chinar tree trunk,
Stammering for words , how could we cry ,
The youthful IRIS (flower ) fell to dust ,
Tulips grew wild on mud roofed house ,
And frighteningly blew the wind like a hungry Lion
that comes down to the village in Mid January
( from the forest after the winter snowfall )
And goes wild after every prey .
( English rendering by Autar Mota )

Agar Dohan Aeiss Hisaab Bozuv,
Doh Yimay Aiss Yivaan Sonteik,
Shuhul Havaa Ouss Haaenth Bremijin,
Vachhass Divaan Sar Ta Daala Maaraan,
Bepuchh Bahaaruss Harud Vanaan ouss,
Kapas Vovithh Chha Badan Valaan Khaah,
Mushuk Valithh Aav Vaav Sountuk,
Dichin Bashaarat.
Yimav Qadam Kaed garav Neubar,
Tim Na Aayee Phirithh,
Na Tchhaandei Sountan .
( Farooq Nazki )
Should we revisit our days gone by ?
Spring would visit us likewise
This spring breeze would frolic in the same way
With the bosom of flowering buds .
And the Autumn would sardonically tell to undependable spring .
“ Earth does not Use the apparel should it grow cotton”
Bathed in Perfume ,
The spring has once again come this way ,
To spread its colours .
Alas! Those who stepped out of their homes
Did neither return,
Nor did this spring seek their whereabouts .
( The poem deals with painful event of 1990 in kashmiri valley )

Much and too Much needs to be done to rediscover Naadim added Farooq Nazki .

Shri G R Hasrat Gadda was the speaker for the second session of the  Baithak. Sh Gadda informed that his Book “ME CHHAM AASH PAGAHUCH “ ( A DREAM FOR TOMMORROW ) A Collection of kashmiri Poetry By Dina Nath Naadim (Published in 2016 by “Fankar Cultural Organization “ 159, Government Housing Colony Lal Bazar Srinagar) is readily available at ..
(1) Kitab Ghar M A Road srinagar
(2) Kitab Ghar Canal Road. Jammu.

Sh Gadda added that except Shuhul Kul , Naadim had not published any Book during his lifetime although he had written so much in all genres and forms much of which had remained unpublished . .Accordingly, in absence of any published Book , it was almost an impossible task for him to collect Naadim poems from Magazines and private Hands . Add to that, poet's friends and relations were far away and scattered in the length and breadth of the country . This task kept him busy for almost an year involving extensive Travel and Search in Kashmir , Jammu and New Delhi. He added that `Naadim was basically a poet of Nazm and accordingly the first section of his Book has 105 Popular and representative Poems of the poet .
He concluded by saying
“. To understand his real contribution , you need to look at entire kashmiri poetry written post 1947. ”

The Baithak ended with a Concluding sentimental speech  by Brij Nath Betab and a Vote of thanks by I B Zutshi .

Shri Shailender Aima Volunteered to Host of the next BAITHAK in March 2017.

( Autar Mota )                 
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