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BANSI NIRDOSH    ( 1930-2001)

He was a gentleman to the core . Born to Shyam Lal Wali of Badyar Bala Srinagar , Sh. Bansi lal  wali , who later came to be known as Bansi Nirdosh , started his  career as  urdu  Journalist ( Deputy Editor )with Amritsar based Newspaper NAYA  ZAMAANA.   

It may be relevant to mention that Pandit Shyam lal wali was himself  a Journalist cum writer who wrote under Pseudonym  or “ Tirath kashmiri “ . Tirath Kashmiri was a regular subscriber to Daily Martand  and  Khidmat Newspapers .
From Badyar bala , the family later moved to Live near sathu Barbar shah Close to Ramchander Ji Temple.

 Bansi Nirdosh   lived at  Amritsar for some time and later on moved to Srinagar to work with  a leading Urdu Newspaper  KHIDMAT  .  At Khidmat , he along  with Sufi Ghulam Mohd and Makhan lal Mahav  were Assistant editors   while Nand Lal Wattal remained as the  Editor and Mohd Amin Pandit  worked as Joint Editor . During this period ,  he also worked on Part time basis with AFTAB  another  popular Urdu  Newspaper . Thereafter he joined   AIR Srinagar  . At Radio kahmir sringar , he proved his  flair and skill when he wrote scripts for some popular Programs ( Current affairs or Haalat e Haazira  ) apart from writing some very  popular Radio plays .  For quite sometime , He worked as editor Scripts in Radio Kashmir Srinagar .

Sh Bansi Raina informs  :

“ Along with Umesh kaul , he used to write script for some  popular programs like ‘Vadi Ki Awaaz’ that had Characters like Munshi ji, Nikki Appa and Aziz Bhai.”

Dr S S Toshkhani writes:

"Bansi Nirdosh started writing before 1960 but he emerged as a major contributor during 1960-1970 decade.He appears to have been influenced by "Maupassant and O Henry.His stories  demonstrate authentic reflection of our middle class society.These stories are capable of influencimg every reader"

 A Prolific writer ,  he was a contemporary  Dr Shanker  Raina , Sufi Ghulam Mohd  and  Deepak kaul . Nirdosh  ji  was a prolific writer . He wrote in Hindi , Urdu and kashmiri . He wrote  Radio plays , Short stories , Kashmiri Novels  and also  did  some translation work .  Nirdosh  ji wrote more than 100 Plays .His three collection of short stories  are BAAL MARAYO, AADAM  CHHU YITHAAI BADNAAM and  GIRDAAB were published   in quick succession . His stories like   Love Marriage ,Tulur  , Myon Maruun, Khotchun , Baraat,  Kaansi Ma Sa Raavien Shoorey  Paan and Yi ti chhu Akh Ehsaas were  quite popular and translated into many languages .

His radio plays like   DAAN-THAER  (  A Branch of Pomegranate Tree ) and VAAV , NAAV  TA  DARIYAAV ( wind , Boat and the river)   remain unforgettable to this day even  . Like his short stories , His Novel  “Akh Daur “  has also been translated into Hindi and Published as “ Ek Daur “ by a Publishing House from Meerut. His  Novel  MUKJAAR ( Talaaq ) has also been translated into Hindi .  He wrote two Novels in Kashmiri .He wrote many Life stories and the best among  this lot was the moving story of 10th Sikh Guru Guru  Gobind Singh Ji. 

His stories like  Daanthear ,Maut ,Tafteesh , and Girdaab and many more were converted into Tele-serials by Door Darshan .

Bansi   ji  also Translated kalidasa’s well known Sanskrit play “ Malvikagnimitra “to kashmiri .

Migration was painful for  LALA Ji ( A Name by which   he was fondly known among   his  family and friends ,).  He would usually recall his good old days in Kashmir as and when someone would visit him at his rented accommodation  at sarwal jammu.

The  family finally  settled  at Ban Talab jammu  where his  eldest son Sh  Rajinder Wali  (  who retired from   Door Darshan ) constructed a  House . His second son Ajay wali  ( Who  sought  VRS from Union Bank Of India ) lives at Noida presently.  Bansi ji has two daughters  Pushpa and Renu and  both are married and well settled . He was married to  Nirmala ji  (from Adalati family of Ali Kadal srinagar) in 1950. This simple housewife remained his lifelong strength and support .

He  breathed his last in August  2001 at Jammu.

 He remains unsung and not properly presented  for his  enormous contribution.

Peace be to his soul.

( Autar Mota )

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