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                                              ( With Artist  Jogen Chowdhary )

                      ( Being decorated by Govt of France with Highest Civilian Award  )
                  (  Kashmiri Artist Veer Munshi Extreme right in spectacles with the Shahab Ud din )

                                                             ( In His Studio )

                                    ( With President Pranab Mukherjee In Kolkatta   Exhibition )   

Born in 1950 , Bangla Deshi Artist Shahab Ud Din Ahmed is a Hero of Liberation War of his country . He saw pain, suffering and the brutalities of Pakistani Army during those dark days of 1971 . He saw the Death and Destruction everywhere in his native land . He became witness to  Mass killing of  University Professors and intellectuals , Brutal rapes committed upon women comprising of poor girls , college and school students and the gory sight of female Bodies Strewn in Army trenches , Fields and Roads .

On a scholarship, Shahab Ud Din also studied Art at Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. His mentor and senior Bangla Deshi Artist Shilpacharya Zain Ul Abdin was instrumental  in persuading him   to move to France on this scholarship.

In some of his Paintings , you find helpless men , women ,children and even animals running for life . Running from some unknown and unseen fear . Desperate and running fast to save themselves from the hands of some invisible and approaching threat. A threat that appears to be following them. That is perhaps his way of reflecting his deep anguish about the gory Murders and killings by Pakistani Army ‘s operation  SEARCHLIGHT  and the systematic elimination of Bengali Professors , Doctors , Lawyers , journalists ,  intellectuals  and Hindus  in 1971.
What can an Artist do except Portray  the agony and suffering that he witnessed  thereby   convey to the people that he remains steadfast to his commitment and he shall never ever forget all those brave and committed people  who laid their lives.

Some of his paintings depict a strange feeling of speed and inertia . some paintings convey a strange quest for Individual liberty  of a man set against the background of this  benign Universe .

 “My works are optimistic. Like Gandhi philosophies, which we more than ever need right now I  remain an optimist .Tagore , Gandhi ji , Nazrul islam and Sheikh Mujeeb have had great influence on my thought process. Gandhi ji remains at Top.  We need peace more than ever now."

                                                     ( Above Gandhi ji in various moods )

                 ( Last Painting killing of  Bangbandhu   Sheikh Mujeeb in 1975 )

                                                                   ( Desire )
                                                                        ( Horses )

                    ( The last painting is titled Massacre of Dacca intellectuals 1971 )

“I love satyajit Ray films . I have watched Pather Panchali 19 times . I like the simplicity of the movie and Ray’s use of space .”

Meet Shahab Ud Din Ahmed . Olympiad of Arts Barcelona Spain lists him as one among the most powerful and influential master painters of contemporary Art.

He is currently based in Paris but  remains a citizen of Bangla Desh and comes to Dacca for brief periods  for paintings and exhibitions.He has been living with his wife Anna Shahabuddin and two daughters - Chitra Shithi Shahabuddin and Charyapad Shahabuddin in Paris.

" If human forms are not experimented properly, the art pieces might have turned into very common and tawdry. Hence most of the celebrated artists of the world like Michel Angelo and Picasso have investigated on humanoid forms"

— Shahab ud din Ahmed.

Adds Veer Munshi  Noted Artist fro Kashmir :

“ It was a pleasure to be with him some time back. In fact we travelled together to Turkey and Jordon on some invitation. He is a Great artist , wonderful Human being and a great Art activist . “

Shahab ud din's works are displayed in many prestigious galleries around the globe. His paintings are often sold by reputed  Art dealers around the Globe .

( Autar Mota )

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