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Oil on Canvas By U .Lun Gywe
A Great Living Master from Burma or Myanmar ..

Burma or Myanmar is a neighbour having centuries old ties with India . Somehow this country remained cut off and isolated for quite some time and consequently ask any person what he knows about Burma , the stock reply would be :

“ Last Mughal King Bahadur Shah zaffar was exiled to this country by British after the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 . He died in Burma . It is a country ruled by Military Dictators . For many years , Aung San Suu Kyi fought for Democracy and finally in 2015, she successfully replaced the Military dictators . There is some problem of Rohngiya Minority . About 90% of the population practices Buddhism.”

                                                                 ( U Lun Gywe)
I believe that is all what most of us know about Burma or Myanmar.We do not know that Burma has a very rich culture and Historical Past. It is a country of writers , Poets , Painters , Musicians , Dancers , Historians and talented Youth. Not many of us know that the greatest living Artist from this subcontinent or a master of French Impressionist Genre is from Burma or Myanmar only. Let me say something about this man known World over as U Lun Gywe ( Born 1930 ).
Look at him and you find that he looks like urdu poet Shaharyaar . Serious , focussed and prolific .
According to the artist :

“My work is a balance between physical and mental body. The physical body is the real one, it is what you see and touch, and this is important when you paint. You need to be able to understand the reality underlying what you see. The mental aspect is that which the mind gifts, it is what you take from nature as you look at it You hold the images and the feelings and ideas that accompany them, but you do not perceive them as though through a lens. You look at nature and the artist takes what is symbolic of the thing he is painting.
Painting means art of communication. Painting exchanges information through pictures. Likewise, singing via vocal, perfume mediated through fragrance and clothes by way of soft touch. In art of communication, it is important for artist to be able to demonstrate beauty strikingly from any view he wished for .

. It was only when I saw the Impressionist paintings that I felt the greatest joy and fulfillment. I found the Expressionists interesting, but it was the Impressionists that I liked best. They came from the mind and the heart. Expressionism was all about what was happening, Impressionism was always flowing and changing.”

U. Lun Gywe is the most respected Artist of Impressionist Genre in the contemporary world of Art . He is fascinated by the Grace and Beauty of Women of his country . That is why he has painted women abundantly. You can see a happy women, Dancing women , Bathing women , Women in a garden , Women on the Beach , Women in the house and Village women in fields etc. Sea , Boats , Horse carts and seasons also find sufficient space in his work. These are subjects that he picks up from his surroundings .
He paints combining Eastern subjects with western Impressionist techniques .His brush strokes are sweeping and Vibrant. He uses water colours and oils. And certainly he uses them minimum yet  his colours are full of life , hope and happiness.
                              ( Bathing women at the well by  U Lun Gywe )
                                             ( Bathing Beauty by U Lun Gywe )

                                                     ( Bathing Beauty by U Lun Gywe )

  ( Boats by U Lun Gywe )
                   (Dancing Trees in Moonlight  by U Lun Gywe ) 
                       ( Fishermen by U Lun Gywe )
                          ( Fog Over waters by U Lun Gwye )
                     ( Gossip by U Lun Gywe )
    ( Holidaying by U Lun Gywe )
             (  Horse Carts in  Morning by U Lun Gywe )
      ( Carts  trapped in Tempest racing along the sea shore   by U Lun Gywe )
     ( Portrait of a woman by U Lun Gywe )
                  ( Reflections by U Lun Gywe )

                                    ( Boats by U Lun Gywe )                                              
    ( Inside Shwedagon paghoda by U Lun Gywe )
    ( Shwedagon  Pagoda by U Lun Gywe )

               ( Storm by U Lun Gywe )
            (Two women And the wind)
      (Women at the waterfall)
      ( The Market )
( Night rest under Banyaan Tree)
      (Horse carts in Rain)

       ( Fetching Water)
(After the Rain )

His initial Training has been under some Great masters of Burma like U Thet Win, U Chit Maung, U San Win, U Thein Han and U Ngwe Gaing whereafter he also moved to Europe and had sufficient exposure to Modern Western Art.He also lived in China for some time and studied Chinese Art as well. Renowned Burmese Artist U Thein Han has been a Major influence on his style and format.
A strong believer in Buddhism, he adds :

"I find inspiration in calmness. I cannot create a good painting when in an unsettled frame of mind. I often meditate before I start a painting. "
His inspiration is the daily life of the people, the landscape of his native land  Myanmar, and the  presence of  Buddhism as  cultural and spiritual strength of his country .

He has held Exhibitions in almost all major cities of the world. His work is on display in major Art Galleries of the world. Almost all French Art Galleries display his work. A generation of artists has been trained by him in Myanmar where hie lives at the moment.

We simply wish him good health and many many more creative years..

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