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Isn't Human greed creating new Value system? The values of utility and expediency are gradually taking over the age old values of Tradition , culture and heritage .Probably we appear to be driving out Compassion and empathy using values of usefulness and convenience .Do we need to revisit our present Value system that is being cultivated unknowingly for the posterity ?

Our value system remained with us  like Fresh air , pure water and natural greenery .So essential for continuance of order in life on this planet . Unless revisited , maintained , replenished continuously and adequately , this vital resource that nourished our Social fabric for thousands of years , may be extinct very shortly . Whom should we blame now  for our own neglect and carelessness ?

 Are we becoming rag pickers who look only for utility value of an object that they come across?

Noted kashmiri Poet Farooq Nazki has something to say indirectly. I quote his latest poem . While this poem apparently conveys the fury of floods that Kashmir witnessed in 2014 , it also hints at something serious that affects all of us .

I have rendered the poem to simple English for friends who do not understand kashmiri ..

( Poem Number Zero )

Mey yathh dhoejji pyath Aaes achhar zaan karmaetch
So zaaejikh.
Kalam auos ropp sundh kunzz ‘a Trung Banovukh...
Mey ouss dooen haetchi hundh seathaa pro’n table....
su ouss daaeri saetein,
Dubbi nish sajaavith.....
khorow taell mey yeli Aayi veathh,
Aab yeli kho’t,
qalam.. Dhooejj.. Table,
souruy tro’w Aaban,
Magar kooda waalleiv
Deutus nakh Ta sombrukh Ta sorukh,
Ba go’sakh maeshi’thh ,
Ba laga haa’r maa Chh’uss...

( Farooq Nazki )

( Poem No Zero )

They burnt the wooden slate,
Upon which ..
I learnt my first alphabets.
The silver pen I used to write with,
They made a key ring of it,
My old  walnut wood table,
That lay gracefully near the window of the overhanging enclosed Balcony,
preserved since long;
But that day,
When the waters of Vitasta barged in underneath my feet,
And up and up  rose the water,
The remains of that pen, wooden slate and the table,
Got lost ...
There came the Rag pickers ,
Picking up the salvage,
Tracing and collecting all from that debris,
They forgot me,
For them ,
A worthless entity,
That I remain.......

( Autar Mota )

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