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Snow Fall Near Stockholm  (Sweden )
(Photo Shailesh Mota January 2015.)

Inspired by the Snow photographs of Shailesh Mota  ,I am adding another Mini snow poem ( In Kashmiri ) to this photograph . These poems are essentially based on my childhood memories of Snow in Kashmir. Stalwart kashmiri poet Dina Nath Naadim has also been an influence for this composition.
This is my 3rd poem in the series along with English rendering done for friends who do not understand kashmiri language. 

The poem is titled “( Shishar Sheenuk Akh Manzar ) or “ A Winter Snow Scene ” ……..

( Shishar Sheenuk Akh Manzar )

Si'rr Na Sadaa Pyaav Raa’tus sheena ,
Chhopp Dumm Loatt Loatt Thho’ssi Thho’ssi Vo’thh.
Vataa Gayii Gaaebb Ta Kyaah Kaanh Karrihay,
Yuss Yeittii Ouss su Tattiei-thii Roodh .
Hoonyaa Pyaamaetch Peinjji Tal Vaanus ,
Voaff Voaff Pyaan Pyaan Kammie tuss Booz .
Kaavun Vuchh , Voathh Taaruv Pyaath Bonn, 
Nazaraa Karnuss Kyaa karihay .
Pataa vuchh Hoona Peinjj Kunn doaraan ,
Sheen Tochhu’nn ,
Alla Gaaeb Khabar Chhaa ,
Talla Ma Neirii Adijj Bataah Meyaat Kaanh ,
Hai Hai Atti draav daba khontaa akh ,
Vuchh’na Kornus Kyaah Kari’hay
Su’tii tcholl Tammie Pataah laett Gilnavaan
Braara Phyangaan Kammi taam Buthhii Vutchh,
Mudayaa Gand’nuss , Paetch Paa’nus .
Yee Me Vuchhuyii ,Pataah Kyaah Guvv Vun’tum,
Mei ‘ti Nani’hay Kuss Kaemm Ko’dd Haajat …
( Autar Mota )

( A Winter Snow Scene )

During the night 
No sound was heard ,
Not a feeble noise either ,
The snow flakes rushed down 
and settled in silence .
When the pathways disappeared ,
What could be done ?
Everything remained stay put thereafter .
A Bitch delivered pups beneath the comfort of a shop’s front ,
The barks and shrieks underneath remained unattended in Snow .
Sitting atop electric wires , 
A crow flew down ,
Looked around but could do nothing .
A dog passed by the shop ,
Dug the settled snow nearby , 
But neither a piece of bone nor a Morsel of food 
Could be located underneath .
Alas ! A broken tin box was all that surfaced up .
Disinterested , Wagging its tail, 
The dog too moved away .
Mewing in annoyance,
A cat also jumped ,
Closed in , Looked uninterruptedly for sometime and then moved away.
I was privy to this much only ,
What happened later , Did you notice ?
let me also know it .
Tell me please ,
Who came to who’s rescue ?..
( Autar Mota )

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