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Inspired by the Snow photographs being sent by Shailesh Mota from sweden ,I am adding another Mini snow poem ( In Kashmiri ) to this photograph . These poems are essentially based on my childhood memories of Snow in Kashmir.
This is my 3rd poem in the series along with English rendering done for friends who do not understand kashmiri language. 

The poem is titled “( Pataa Pyaav Sheena ) or “ Then came the snow ” …

( Pataa Pyaav Sheena )

“Praar *Hatab iyaa Yeimmi Lattie Gaatus

Hataa Bi Kathh Boaz kar Tche ti sabraa ”

Amma Gooer Raetch’maetchii Zinn Tcheindi Lookun
Azz Ta Pagaah Thhov’nukh yu’nn Gatchu’naa 

Pataa Pyaa’v Sheena …….. 

Kaa’yur Moendd Taam Gayee Sheenus tal
Vaen Kyaa’h Bannie Hey *Dasgeer Saa’ba
Athhaa Ro’tt Kar sa Hey *Reshi Peera

Faa’zzi Aein Katti Taam *Hukk’a Faet Joraah 

*Chaandaai Ku’tchhi Munz Aae’dd Kae’sh Buhi’ryaa

Ha’yii Ammi *Lachha’kujji Dhorrmut *Maaghaa 
Kheyi Kyaah Tcheiyi Kyaah 
Vyokh’tuyii draagaa

Leijji Kyaa Traa’vov 

Gaeijji Kyaah Push’rovv

Sheenuch Shooba 
Athhaa Chhonn safraa

Hu’ttie Astaa’nuss 

Bo’rr Doah Vorussa 

Yett’I Guvv Kaa’mienn
Kaangeirri Joshaa..

Mei’tchii Paa’sh Pyaa’th Chhumm

Gobb Gobb sheena 

Brichhvun zaashur
Doadh ro’ss seena

Assi Kuun Vutchh sa

Mee-shaah Paad-shaah …

( Autar Mota )

( And then came the snow )

“ Wait , This time , Hatab is to arrive in this Depot ,

O Lady ! Take my word and there you stay put “

And Lo , *Amma ( The 
Milk seller) took away Timber tokens of so many innocents ,
And made them to visit him again and again with no purpose . 
And then came the snow .
Even the poor kail wood logs too disappeared under snow 
O *Dastgeer sahib! What to do now ?
O *Reshi Peer ! Help us out .
From somewhere , *Faezzi borrowed two sack fulls of Hukk, 
And just a bag full of sawdust is all that *chaanda has in her store ,
Alas ! this *Lachhkujji is on fasting for *Maagha Month .
What shall she eat now?
What shall she drink now ?
Alas ! This killing price rise .

What shall we burn in the kitchen fireplace ?
What shall we cook in the kitchen pots ?
How lovely is the grandeur of this snow fall ?
How empty Handed are we in this Journey ?
There in that saint’s abode ,
The bustle of Anniversary celebration .
And Here we crave for 
The warmth of a kangri ( Fire pot ) .
Too heavy a snow load 
On this mud roofed dwelling .
An Infant crying with pangs of hunger ,
What milk can these dry breasts offer ?
Look This way also 
O Imperial saint !
O Miyan shah Sahib !

( Autar Mota )
(1) Hatab is a type of timber that was used as an ideal fuel in Kashmir. It was much sought after and used to be little expensive . Apart from Cooking , its charcoal was an ideal fuel for kangris in winter .

(2) AMMA Goor is a symbolic name identified with a Labourer in a government run Timber depot . Milk sellers would supplement as labourers at Government run Ration and timber Depots in Kashmir and would invariably retain paid up token slips ( Known as PEES in kashmiri ) from consumers of Timber and Rations with them . Quite often they would run their own supply / delivery circle at consumer’s peril. Most often, they would ward off visiting consumers who had already paid for the rations or Timber with an argument that the quality of rice was not good . So would they tell people to wait for HATAB or DEODAAR or WILLOW variety of timber that was rarely supplied through Government run Timber depots. These labourers at Government run ration and timber Depots were also poor but so was their practice .

(3) Dastageer sahib’s Ziyarat is a venerated place at Khanyaar in Srinagar city which was visited by Hindus as well.

(4) Reshi Peer’s abode is in down town Alikadal in Srinagar city . He was a highly respected Hindu saint venerated by Muslims as well.

(5) Miyan Shah sahib was a saint of Reshi order respected by Hindus and Muslims of Rainawari . His ziyarat lies at Naidyaar In Rainawari . The annual Urs at this ziyarat is held in winter season . People believe that on the urs day, there is always a snow fall.

(6) Faezz ( Fazzi ) was a common name of Muslim woman in Kashmir. So were Chandaa and lachhakujji names of Kashmiri Pandit women .

(7) Religious Fasting for the entire Maagha ( Bikrami Calendar ) Month of winter was a cherished tradition with kashmiri Pandit ladies in Kashmir.

(8) HUKK or HUKH consisted of timber pieces collected from rivers / streams in Kashmir that was brought to city in big boats called Bahetch . This stuff was used as kitchen fuel in winters .It also provided durable charcoal for kangris in winter

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