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Tulip Garden of kashmir
Photo Autar Mota ..

I am adding some lines of Master Zinda Kaul ( 1884 -1965..Fondly known as Master Ji ) to this photo . Master ji's poetry reflects the deep influence of Shamas Tabrez , Maulana Rumi , Surdas ,kabir and Vedanta upon his mind .

Master ji was  a mystic poet. He was also   respected as  a Spiritual Guru by   a large number  of his friends and admirers . He struggled all along his life with so many odds of existence . Master ji composed poems in Urdu , Persian and Hindi language.
Some say that his kashmiri poetic collection "Sumran " was born after the death of his young son. What a punishment is it for a father to outlive his son ? Composed in 1944,the below mentioned  poetic  lines  are from his  collection " Sumran ". I have tried to render the lines to simple English....... .

Yuchh Puchh Ma Haar Byaakhaa Hyaathh Yooer Vaati kaanchhaa
Tuss Chhaa kammi Nishaanun Bhaer Bhaer Khazaan Vessiye
Dolaan Kohan vanan Munz Sholaan Chhi Gulshanan Munz
Zotaan Chhu Taarakun Munz kaaetyaah Nishaan Vessiye ..

Vaaleinj Munz thhavunn Gotchh haavunn Thhovum Athhuss Pyaaeth
Raah kas chhu kor me paanus nokhsaan paana vessiye,
Haavun chhu Raavaraavun Chaavukk samar chhu Khaaemi
Thhaavaan Chhi Chhaava Baapat Baanun Ti Thaana Vessiye

 ( Master Zinda Kaul )

Lose not your faith and Trust Friend ,
Someone may drop in with another token of love .
His tokens are abundant and
So are his treasures always full .
Unnoticed lie these tokens in hills and jungles .
In flower beds they bloom dazzlingly .
Among stars these tokens keep sparkling
And so many other signs stand for them .

Should have been Hidden inside the heart ;
But I Put him on display on my hands .
None to blame now , I put myself to this loss Friend .
To make a show of the fortune is to lose it,
And this Eagerness within to show off leads to imperfection only,
For this reason  Friend, 
While cooking ,
Food is brought to perfection

by putting a lid over the cooking pot............

   ( A sketch of Master Zinda kaul By Prabhakar Maachvey Photo Source .Prof Arvind Gigoo )                                                                    

                                                                 ( Master Zinda Kaul )


                                  (   Master Ji's wife Photo source .Prof. Arvind Gigoo )
        ( Master ji with his Grand Daughter outside his residence  Source .Prof. Arvind Gigoo)
                                ( Master Ji's handwriting ... Soruce Prof. Arvind Gigoo )
              ( Family Tree Of master Ji .. Balkrishen  Grandson  of Master ji was son of Janki Nath .. Photo source Prof. Arvind Gigoo )..

          ( Master ji's Handwriting in Kashmiri ..Source Prof. Arvind Gigoo ) 

 I add  some more lines of Master ji ..............

Kaansie Praraan Daari Pyaath Yuss
Vaansi  Haarey  Dhaari  oush
Aabshaaruk   Tuss   Hawas   Kyaah
Shalmaarus Kyaah  Karrey.
( Master Zinda Kaul )

He who has been waiting for some one at the window,
And waiting With Tears running down his eyes since an age , .
For what should he cultivate a  desire to see the beautiful  Waterfall !
What joy shall a visit to the Shalamar garden bring him ?

( Autar Mota 17.05.2014 )

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