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 Just finished Reading  “ BLACK HOLES”  a booklet by Dr  Jayant Narlikar , India’s leading scientist in the field of Cosmology and Astrophysics . His language is Simple and Lucid. Even a layman can understand the strange phenomenon in the universe with regard to formation Black Holes and other esoteric objects . Dr. Narlikar also writes scientific fiction ,short stories and appears to be having deep knowledge of Indian History , Culture and literature . He prefers to write in Marathi his mother tongue .

Besides scientific papers and books and popular science literature, Narlikar has written science fiction, novels, and short stories in English, Hindi, and Marathi . His articles , write ups and English translations of his   scientific fiction is a preferred reading for me . A man of amazing simplicity who has not only understood the universe above him but also the man living underneath . It is a privilege to see him and  listen to his discourses on various complex issues of the universe.

Dr Jayant Vishnu Narlikar is from Kohlapur Maharashtra . His father Prof. Vishnu Vasudev Narlikar was the Head of the Department of Mathematics at Benaras Hindu University. Jayant Narlikar had his education in Varanasi. His mother was a graduate in Sanskrit . Having studied in BHU , he moved to Cambridge and later joined Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai (TIFR). Thereafter he moved to Pune as head of The Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. At Cambridge , he was a brilliant student of renowned scientist Fred Hoyale who assisted him in his Doctoral research. So much was Fred Hoyale impressed with the Brilliance of his student that he decided to work with him to give a new Interpretation to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity . This New interpretation came to be known as HOYALE -NARLIKAR  THEORY . His work on Black Holes , Gravitational force in Cosmos , Ergosphere ,White Holes and Cosmic Energy Problems gave him a pride place amongst scientists of the world .

I am impressed by the diversity of his interests which include Poetry , Music , Performing Arts  and above all tearing apart the mysteries of this universe . His endearing smile conveys compassion . So do his simple eating habits...India needs such simple but great souls . May he live long .

Na Takht o Taaj mein na Lashkar o sipaah mein hai
Jo Baat Mard e Qalandhar ki Baargaah mein Hai.

( Autar Mota 16.12.2013 )
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