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(A play from the early life of Mahatma Gandhi By K A Abbas and Pragji Dossa .
Pages 137 . Published first in 1977 by Orient Paperbacks New Delhi)

The Book comprises of a four Act play very well written jointly by two giants namely *K A Abbas ( 1914-1987 )and Gujrati playwright Pragji Dossa (1907-1997 ).

The scenes created and the dialogues written for these scenes are crisp and depict some historical events in south Africa that made young Gandhi a champion of Human Dignity and Liberty .Perhaps it was south Africa only where Gandhi ji began his fight against Oppression and discrimination.

The play begins with the journey of young Mohan Das karam Chand Gandhi to Durban where he gets his first brush with Racial discrimination when a custom officer calls him “ O You Blackie . “ Young Gandhi was actually thrown out of the first class Compartment of a train In south africa.

The playwrights have created some wonderful court scenes with Gandhi ji in focus. Some scenes have been created to show Gandhi ji’s meeting with Asians and poor negroes or his visit to Johannesburg slums and New Castles mines to meet poor workers. The reader also comes across some historical characters like General Smuts And General Botha in some scenes apart from the then leaders of Asian community in south Africa like Haji Habib, Pilai ,Naidoo , Kachhalia , Yusuf Ismail Miyan ,Mir Alam, Ratansay Sodha , Daud Mohd Parsi , Mr. Angalia ,Sorabjit Adjanta and so many names .
One also comes across some powerful Scenes showing Gandhi ji inside Natal prison .Scenes showing Gandhi ji’s public meeting in Mumbai with Tilak , Gokhale and Badar Ud Din Tyabji on dais have been superbly created .

.The scenes , the dialogues and the historical events depicted in this play create a Grand impact on the mind of the reader . And I am sure that the play shall be a grand success should some skilled theatre group try performing it on stage. This invaluable script written by two masters should not be allowed to go waste.

( Autar Mota 15.12.2013 )..

•           *K A Abbas was the great Grand son of well known urdu poet Altaf Hussain Hali . Hali was a student of Ghalib. Abbas was also connected with IPTA apart from being a successful film director, novelist, screenwriter, and a journalist in the Urdu, Hindi and English languages. He also wrote stories /script for some successful movies like Neecha Nagar , Jagte Raho,  Dr Kotnis ki Amar Kahaani ,Dharti Ke Lal, Awara, Saat Hindustani , Naya Sansar , Awaara, Shri 420, Mera Naam Joker, Bobby and Henna.
           *Pragji Jamanadas Dossa was a celebrated Gujrati author, journalist, playwright, film writer, TV writer; radio plays writer, musician, singer and also a sports-man. He is referred to as a bridge between new and old theatre .He also taught theatre and wrote history of Indian Theatre apart from editing some theatre Magazines .   

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