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 Once  you leave Kokernaag ( District Anantnaag , Kashmir , J&K )and move towards the mountains   , you come to a place called VAILOO .  In case you take the right turn from Vailoo , you reach Ahlam  , the last habitation in this area. It is also known as Ahlam  Gadole .  Gadole is a main village near Ahlam.  Gadole has some kashmiri speaking population. Thereafter you confront    Gujjars and Bakerwals only . They may speak broken kashmiri but they are not kashmiris.  They were nomadic tribes  and  lately these groups have  constructed small houses in this area.  
                        ( A Thatched   Roof House In sagaam Near Kokkernaag )
Ahlam is now  a settlement of nomadic people just 6 kms away from Gadole. After Ahlam , the mountain  passes traversed on foot , lead you to Kishtwar district. We were informed that now a Tunnel is being dug Near Ahlam that shall keep all weather connectivity of Anantnaag town with Kishtwar .  So no more to use Simthen pass if the Tunnel comes up .Smithen  top   remains snow bound in extreme winters.


And if you take a left turn near Vailoo , you come to the NH1B leading  to Simthen Pass .
.I remember having come to this place with our college excursion in early seventies . Nothing has changed except  linking of this area throuh NH1B leading to Kishtwar. Daksum lies on this NH1B.

DAKSUM ( Altitude 2438 Metres )  is a scenic spot located in the dense forests. This scenic spot falls on the Anantnag-Sinthan-Kishtwar road. A gushing stream flows through Daksum which is rich in trout fish. It is a forest retreat girdled by mountains.  If you Travel on NH1B that connects Anantnaag Town of Kashmir with Kishtwar Via Simthen Top ( Altitude 3748 Metres) ,  You pass through Daksum ( just 36 Kms away from Anantnaag ). One can call it  a sleepy forest  resort with some houses and a Government Rest House . The rest house is not properly maintained at the moment . When we visited the area on  9th April 2013 , there was no caretaker  . The  path and the steps leading to the rest House from main road was broken and the Garden around it was not maintained at all. Some villagers had put clothes for drying on the rest house fencing. Narcissus or yemberzal had grown unattended in the garden.
We went  close to  Simthen Top which is 31 kms from Daksum. It was spring time . Snow had not vanished from the mountains . A lady at Daksum had  suggested us to proceed . She added that regular bus service shall  also be started shortly to kishtwar as the snow at Smithen Top was being cleared.
 The road from Kokernnag to Simthen  is blacktopped and in good shape . Gushing water stream   , Majestic pine trees , silence with occasional chirping of  some birds on  pine tree tops makes you feel in the lap of mother nature .

It was cold in April . We needed woolens. We kept the car windows open to let fresh cold air enter in . Where is the pollution ? Where is the sweltering heat of the plains ? Where is the noise of the city roads ?Life had dropped all its demands of existence  that it usually  makes in cities and towns .

I end this post with  lines from a Gazal of renowned urdu poet  Firaq Gorakhpuri

Jee mein Aataa Hai Tujh Ko Pukaraa karuun
Rehguzar Rehguzar Aastaan Aastaan..
Boo Zameen se Mujhe Aa Rahi hai teri
Tujh Ko kyon Doondiye Aasmaan Aasmaan
( Firaq)

( I feel like calling you and you alone
At Every path and inside  every shrine .
 I smell your fragrance from the land underneath  ,
Then why search  you in the sky above )

( Autar Mota  5 PM.. 14.04.2013 ... Sunday... Good Evening ..)

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