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 Photo autar Mota 

The sky  just poured down heat only. The fields had dried . So had the springs and streams . Hot winds blew all over . A Lonely sparrow  felt emaciated with heat. But then the clouds appeared suddenly. Thunder and winds . The rain danced down wearing Ghungroos  . Music was in the air . Leaves clapped in Happiness. Trees whistled joyfully    . 
 ""Lo! Here comes our darling rain""
And i  add my Poem Baarish to these thoughts and the photograph.

( Baarish )

 Door Peid pe chidiyaa baithee garmi se jhulsaayi  re
Taal talaiyaa sookh gaye sab Loo chalti harjaayi  re
Ab ke Rama Kheit jaleingay Aisee Garmi Aayi kuch
Haad ke Daanche na ban jaayein kaisi bipidaa Aayi re
Tabi achanak badal Umdaa aandhi aayi Zsoon zsoon zsoon
Bijli Kaundhi Tad Tad Tad Tad Kaali Badri chhaayi re
Aur achanak Goonghroo Baandh ke barsa paani chhan chhan chhan
Paton ne taali maari hai seeti baaji Hiss Hiss Hiss
Ghar Aangan mein Jal hi jal hai Aao chidiya Fuur fuur fuur
Haraa samandhar Gopi chander Bolo Machali kitnaa Paani.........

( Autar Mota )
10.04.2013... Time 1.00 AM Good Night 

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  1. Autar!Baarish is an excellent example of poetic craftsmanship.Forebodings of drought preface the celebration mediated by thunder and black clouds.Simple and innocent words dressed up in grace and elegance.


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