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 Photo Autar Mota ( Feb. 2013.)                                                                  

kalaadi from samroli near chenani

 Kalaadi ( Maaesh-Kraar in kashmiri ) is made from milk kept in containers .Cold or lukewarm milk is turned sour  to make Kalaadi . It is looks  like cheese but tastes something between cheese and curd. It is easily available from Gujjars  in Pirpanjal Hills. It is also  easily available in Jammu city as well.  Infact 90% of kalaadi in jammu comes from Udhampur district only. One can have this tasty stuff at Singh Cafeteria Udhampur as well but Samroli( Near Chenani in Udhampur District of J&K  ) kalaadi is perhaps the tastiest  and fresh.

 I have also tasted  the  chapati type kalaadi in shopian kashmir and Pahalghaam  . The Jammu hills stuff is a kulcha type of kalaadi. If the chapatti type  kalaadi from Kashmir is to be fried in oil,the  Kulcha type kalaadi from Jammu is just to be put on a Tawa . Press it . It releases its Ghee mor oil content  . Fry it but keep pressing and changing  sides . Pressing flattens it . Add a pinch of salt and Sauce  Or stuff it inside a Paranthaa. Munch and relish.

( Autar Mota )

12th Feb 2013.Time 11.30 PM Good Night 

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