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Faced with tricky situations wherein a solution appeared impossible , My mother would declare with a long sigh …

“ Attii chhu Wahaab Khar ti Laajawaab ”
“Even wahab Khar is helpless over here ”
That is how the name entered my mind from childhood days . When I grew , I came to know a lot about this great saint and Sufi Poet Abdul Wahab popularly known as Wahab khar ( wahab Blacksmith ). He was born at village SHAAR SHAALI in Khrew area of Kashmir in 1842 A D . Wahab Khar ( 1842-1912 AD) was a saint and sufi poet . I have heard many singers singing Wahab Khar’s immortal songs . Ghulam Hassan Sofi , Ghulam Ahmed Sofi , Rashid Hafiz and many more .Every time I hear Wahab sahib , I feel fresh and more grounded to Kashmir .

I visited the Ziyarat of this saint poet in 2009 with some friends especially late Muzaffar Ali . Muzaffar was a friend and a dear colleague who died young. I do not know much about his family background but I did know the man as a peace loving soul. He was properly informed about all that makes any kashmiri feel proud. I mean The Reshi cult of Kashmir , Unbiased perception of kashmir’s painful history , Its saints and Reshis and the mysticism of sufi poets of Kashmir .
Khrew and Ladhoo areas are rich with highly venerated shrines and ziyarats . Jwala ji Temple located on a hillock , falls in this area . Just below Ladhoo village a shrine is dedicated to the famous mystic poet Nyaam sahib. Ancient Damodar Naag is also located in this area near Khonmoh .
When we visited the Ziyarat , It was annual Voruss (urs ) time . The Ziyarat is located Just below the dense WASTARWAN forest near Khrew. Spring was in the air. It was late march .The birds and the mustard fields could be seen all along the road . The earth had already thrown away its wintry apparel . As we drove through the Mustard fields of Khrew , I could feel the spring air wafting in and out from our vehicle . Long traffic jams on the narrow road . Crowds moving towards the ziyarat. Buses with people sitting on open roof tops. Scooters , Tata sumo vehicles , Private cars packed to capacity . Long queues . Crowds at his Ziyarat . Crowds on roads . Happy children buying toys and sweets . The kashmiri Halwai selling Huge Paranthaa ( Poraath ) , Monjigueill ( fried lotus stems laced with rice powder ) , Khund Gaazar ( sweet sevian ) ,Bangle sellers , toy sellers , Henna designers, Some Punjabis from plains could be seen selling cloth carried on bicycles , watery coconut seller and roadside Ristaa/ Goshtaba seller . A fair like ambience. Devotees of all age groups . That was what I felt.
Wahab Khar was born in a family of blacksmiths and his father HAIT KHAR was also a sufi poet . His wife Rehmat was a supportive and pious lady. Wahab sahib would organize music mehfils at his residence quite often which were attended by some other leading sufi poets of that time. Night long singing , Huble Bubble , Sheer chaai and a puff of charas Chillum in between and the singers would depart early in the morning . Apart from this, wahab sahib would often visit his Murshid and saint Ahmed sahib Machama of the Sirhindi silsila . Other sufi poets of his time with whom he had close interaction include Shamas Faquir , Waza Mehmood , Prakash Ram, Dervish cum poet Razaaq sahib, Rehman Bhat  and sufi poet Rahim Sahib sopore.

Wahab sahib had numerous followers which included some Hindus . Though illiterate , he had profound knowledge of Shaivism and Hindu practices .His poetry is laced with philosophical content born out of experience and existence . I quote ;-
“ Haa Sher sawaaro Koar gatschak Aakhir tche Marunn Chuyee ”
“ Riding a lion , Where shall you go , You too shall face death ultimately. ”
“Baa Chhuss draamitch Yaaruss pataie Su Kuss pataie Goam ”
“ I set out to look for my beloved , But tell me whom does he follow ”

Yim yemi Bavasurr Draai matayo
Tim Naa Pheerithh Aaayee
Abdul Wahas Raayee Matyo
Jaayee Katyo Chhaaiy.

( Those who crossed this worldly  ocean,
Never did they return.
So does Abdul wahab ( Wahab Khaar ) believe ,

Which place is yours over here ignorant ?)
Kum Kum Suleimaan Aaayee Matyo
Katyaah Haatim Taai
Doraah Karithh Yeti Draayee Matyo
Jaayee Katyo Chhaaiy.

( So  Many Solomons ( Powerful Kings ) visited this earth
So did Haatim Taai (Hatim of the Tayy tribe and  an Icon to Arabs ) .
 With might they  strode   this world but vanished finally .

Which place is yours over here ignorant ?)
Torrie Saaeut Kareinumm Biriyaanaai
Jaan Jaan gareinumm Saamaanaai
Gaatjaar Chhoknumm Vostaa Kaarunn
Tche Kammeu Karienaai Taweeeza Punn
Yaaro Vunn Baalyaaro Vunn.

My Ustaad ( Peer ) cut me to pieces with his carpentry tools,
He also sprinkled his wisdom on all these cut pieces
After this he made beautiful furniture of my being .
But to you who gave this magical spell ?
Reveal my friend !
Reveal My childhood companion !

Through his poems wahab sahib also speaks about the rivers , springs , lakes and mountains of Kashmir . His “Maachh Tullar “ and “Mehraj Naama ” are considered his best poetic creations. He preferred a simple vegetarian food like most saints of Reshi Cult of Kashmir. He also liked smoking Hubble bubble which his Murshid Ahmed sahib Machama would frequently share with him.

( Autar Mota )

9th January 2013…. Time 11.35 PM … Good Night 

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  1. these verses are compiled by whab khar in light of real human dignity and peace .the solid message from the poetry of whab khar to unision to almighty and obdience to prophet .his poetry caters a dignified position in kashmir history

    1. not souch kral ,Rahim seab sopore at this time Other sufi poets of his time with whom he had close interaction include Shamas fakir ,wazi Mahmood,Ahmad seab batwar,Rahman bhat,Rahman lone....

    2. i would say many many thanks for the above verses.... Love you man

    3. i would say many many thanks for the above verses.... Love you man

  2. these r the gifts from allaha to muslims but we r opposing them

  3. Thanks for these verses. You made ny day.