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kangri or kangar  is a pot filled with embers used by Kashmiris beneath their traditional Cloak or Pheran. It is used to fight chill and keep the body warm. A friend has written to me that Kangri was Brought to Kashmir by Zain ul Abdin (Budshah) from Central Asia and it was nowhere in kashmir till early 15th Centuary. I admit that this great king brought many things to Kashmir .He introduced: 1) Carpet Making. 2) Papier Machie. 3) Wood Carving. 4) Silk Weaving. 5) Paper Making. 6) Stone Cutting & Poilishing etc. 7) Window Cutting. 8) Gold Beating and many more arts and crafts of central Asia in kashmir . He invited competent teachers and craftsmen from Central asia and made kashmir a buzzing place for handicrafts presently known world over . Kashmiris are indebted to this great king for introduction of many innovative projects one being growing sugarcane in kashmir especially on karewas( Plateaus ). kangri existed prior to Budshah in kashmir . I always refer to Kalhana 's work for any clarification on issues concerning kashmir . kalhana again came to my rescue .I quote Rajtaringini:-

 "Man's endeavour resembles the embers in the Kangri which some times burn when apprently extinguished and sometimes go out , although kindled , by puffs of air , at the will of fate ."

 ( Eighth Taranga Canto 221 Rajtaringini Translation by R S Pandit )

( Autar Mota )
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