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The  Sunday market  of Srinagar attracts all. Tourists from Europe can not be an exception.To these images i add a  portion of short story written by me on a funny practice which has died its own death .   


( Is it just hollow for show off  or solid piece ? )

When Rupawati Dhar entered Baithak or the sitting room ,she was happy to see her New daughter in law seated on a raised platform with some pillows on her back . Embracing her affectionately , she kissed her forehead. That made both of them happy . Straightening the sheet underneath before sitting near her daughter in law ,she said
“ Guss Vaash Heu kudd Zangunn . Bih Bih Hayee Chhu Thakaan ”

“Go and just stretch your legs .One gets tired by sitting only ”
Then suddenly there was a knock at the door . Shaam Raani was in the house to have tea from Novv Nosh ( New daughter in law ) who had been renamed as Lakshmi . Prior to her marriage Lakshmi was known as Asha Koul. Now she could call herself Asha Koul Dhar . Shaam Raani was sister of Rupawati ‘s Husband affectionately called as Bai sahib . Bai Sahib Or Moti lal Dhar worked as Head clerk in PWD . He enjoyed respect and command amongst his relations . Every one was impressed to see his Boss Nazir Sahib ( Divisional Engineer ) in the marriage . Nazir Sahib had sent his personal car and driver for three days to Moti lal Dhar ‘s residence during the marriage days . The family felt grateful for this act.

Coming close to Lakshmi, Shaam Rani kissed her forehead and said ,
“ Bajaah Guss . Mooss Nerinukh ”
“ Let you prosper .Let this family flourish with your arrival. ”

 Though relations between Shaam Rani and Rupawati appeared to be good but some insiders knew it well that they were actually not so intimate and considerate to each other . Now Shaam Rani came closer and started inspection of lakshmi’s Jewellery .She touched her ear rings , her necklace and the golden Bangles . She also took her dangling Dejhurr in her hand as if to weigh it . She inspected the Dejhurr carefully and then looked towards Rupawati . Her facial expressions conveyed some surprise. Suddenly freeing herself from Shaam Rani , Lakshmi goT up and went downstairs to prepare a cup of Tea for Shaam Rani . That was the custom or the tradition . Close relatives of the family were required to have tea served by the Newly arrived Daughter in law. Finding that Lakshmi had left the room , Shaam Rani turned to Rupawati and said

“ Kuth Henurruss Chhekh Phatmeuch . Me Chhu Basaan sorruy Chhu Phoukka . ”

“ You have fallen  to dirt with  this marriage . All this Jewellery is just hollow and Light and meant for showoff  only . Nothing solid ”

That made Rupawati pensive . She had nothing against lakshmi . But she also knew that Shaam Rani's observation was bound to disturb her position among her relations and neighbours.   

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