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 In Manhattan, Rabiyo is my African American friend..He is simple, helpful and a well informed person. Rabiyo knows much about America and its history. He reads New York Times and Time magazine.I feel a need to speak to him quite often. And he feels enthused to speak and communicate . 

One day while discussing the native Americans , he told me this:- " The Hollywood show native American in poor light. You get me. Tough ,riding horses, cowboys, hunters and aggressive . All bluffing and not truth. It all false. That very old culture. Old beliefs. Old food habit system. Old symbol arrow, butterfly, bear and many .That old dress, jewelery and language. Now they go modern education and all adopt Immigrant culture that anybody call new American culture style . More than 70% native living cities now. Young native American living city not take reservations benefit. They go competition in all work and all field now. Now no land , no hunting no fishing . Only I say about 20 % native peoples live tribe lands but use modern culture and living style. Rest city living style all. Now all American. you get me.Here native sharp, intelligent.They give land to peoples coming from Europe and become poor and Christian. Many die with diseases that Europe Immigrants bring . They no immunity. You get me. I tell many peoples name. They all native .. They here 15000 years. Some go Apache tribe. Some Chhipewa tribe.Some Shoshone tribe. These tribe names. You note sir . Dave Anderson CEO famous Dave's Barbecue franchise . He Chhipewa tribe. He more than 180 big restaurant in the US .Why you not note ?" "

 I am noting everything.. No worry."

 "You no diary pen. You note on mobile ! Okay Okay. Note second .Henry Red Cloud .He own Lakota Solar Enterprise in the US. All popular solar appliances he make. He direct descendent famous Red Indian Chief Sioux or Sioux Chief Red Cloud. He and his tribe fight the US army for control of their territory in Montana. The American Indian wars. Native fight new immigrant .You get me.Hey sir, Note third. T D Petiite. He known as T David Petite .Inventor and entrepreneur. He manufacturing health care instruments and smart meters. He get award by US president. Note fourth. Note Will Samson. He very good Hollywood actor.. So many films he go act. 'One flew over cuckoo's Nest 'he Milos Forman film. So many native peoples in Hollywood acting, dance music .so many .You get me.You noting ! I forget . I not remember then. " 

 "Yes continue. I am noting all."

 "O sir sometime mobile go delete all that you record what you noting . What you then doin Sir? Note.. Merritt Johnson. She Mohawk and Blackfoot mix tribe . She well known painter. I say great . What you doing mobile WhatsApp? Not right time. All you note get delete. Sir one job one time. That correct." 

 " Please continue. I am noting all.Dont worry."

 "Then note. Preston Singletary famous glass artist native tribe. You seeing glass Museum when you visit Niagara fall. That artist.I tell you 15 big names if you proper pen and paper. How you noting so much on mobile? Sorry I having no paper or pen here. What I do? " 

 " Please continue. I again say i am noting all. Rest assured." 

 "So they all sharp ,intelligent and enterprise not what you see in cinema .They foot on ground. I introduce you tomorrow native gentleman big big Chief in company but humble. He like Indian peoples. One Sikh gentleman his friend. When Sikh gentleman see me market store , he say Rabiyo come my apartment , I cook chicken Indian spice. " 

 "So the Sikh gentleman is also your friend." 

 " Yes, he my friend like you.Sir you asking questions anybody you meeting. What you doing so much information? . I like how you go efforts learning new new things honest and sincere. That good. Sir good peoples not many sincere friends . Few few but right peoples only .No fake.. If you stay here, you easily fix job. You go teaching. Any school waalcom . " 

 (Avtar Mota)


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