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This painting is very likely a real contemporary painting of Sri Guru Gobind Singh who is seated with Sidh Sen( Green Chola) ,the Raja of Mandi ( HP) .
Guru Gobind Singh  had visited Mandi during the rule of Raja Sidh Sen at the end of the 17th century. He was a guest of the Raja for a few months. The painting was commissioned by the Raja in 1701 when Guru Ji was 35 . Guru Ji's famous blue horse can also be seen at the lower right side the painting . The painting is presently with Metropolitan Museum of Art ,New York.

             ( Another painting showing Guru Gobind Singh  on his blue horse )                             

Raja Sidh sen was a worshipper of Shiva ,Durga and Chandi . The painting has been done by Khinnu , the court painter of Raja Sidh Sen. Khinnu also did many portraits of Raja Sidh Sen. I saw one such portrait in the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the US.

History informs us that Raja Sidh Sen was highly impressed by Guru Ji's personality and his relentless fight against the oppression of the rulers of that period. 
A beautiful Gurudwara has also come up in Mandi at the spot where Guru Ji had stayed.

Guru Ji was a great poet. A poet of intense feelings. As poet, he was proficient in Sanskrit, Brij Bhasha ,Persian, Hindi and Gurmukhi .

"Saach kaho sun layho sabhai
Jin praym kee-o tin hee prabh paaee-"

( I tell the truth, 
Let one and all listen it,
In this world ,
only those who loved others 
,realized almighty GOD)

( Verses of Guru Gobind Singh  )

( Avtar Mota)

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