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These are some innovative bronze sculptures by  Bruno Catalano ( born 1960), a French sculptor who lives in the port city of  Marseilles. Bruno  began his career in 1990.  The  sculptures depict  incomplete bodies that  give rise to a remarkable depth confusion in which the background is partly pushed to the front. The missing parts of the sculptures make them truly extraordinary and unique leaving a   large room for the imagination.And every voyager created by Bruno carries with him a suitcase  or a briefcase held firmly by his hand . The suitcase of memories of his native land , the only possession that belongs to him in the alien land .

Who have been represented  by Bruno Catalano in these sculptures ?

According to Bruno , these are all travellers , migrants and exiles who have left their native lands either willingly or under duress and have joined the race to become the’ Citizens of the world’ . To become so , one loses  his roots. This loss is a perpetual knock on the psyche and it can’t be compensated by any amount of  wealth or material possessions . These sculptures convey the  loss of home , culture , language , environment and uprootment  from the native soil.  The sculptures  also convey the restless  stroll of the   empty spirits on the move  trying to escape and  seek  elsewhere the happiness that they have not managed to achieve .


       ( Bruno Catalano at work ) 

Through these sculptures , Bruno puts us a very vital and tormenting question . In the  perpetual quest for better future , are we creating a ‘ Nomadic Humanity’ ? Many amongst us  will recognize themselves in the reflection of these bronzes. These sculptures cut across the geographical barriers and speak a universal language . What’s especially impressive is that some of the sculptures seem to stand on very little support, giving them a sort of ethereal and surreal appearance. Does Bruno intend to depict the absence of   support system to  the exiles , migrants  or Voyagers (as Bruno names most of his bronzes) in alien lands  .

( Avtar Mota )




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