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                                                         ( The Halal Guys NYC )



                                                                       ( At Boston )
                                                            ( Outside MET NYC )
                                                 ( Hudson Bank Upper Manhattan )

( Outside Albert Einstein's House on Mercer Street In Princeton on 31.08.2018 )

                              ( St Lawrence River  .. Thousand Islands  )

                                                              ( At Harlem )

                                                           ( Niagara falls )


                                                       ( Niagara Old Fort )
                                                           ( Outside MET NYC)
                                            ( MET  Egyptian Temple of Dendur )

                                                             ( Washington Near White House  )
                                                               ( Cold Springs Ferry ride )

                                                             ( Top of Empire State Building )




                                                                            ( Wall Street Bull )    

                                                 ( India Day Parade )

America, Don't Look at me so lovingly...I have to go back ...

                                  (Ali Sardar Jafri)

I am adding a mini poem' Tu mujhe Itnay Pyaar se mat Dekh '  by Ali Sardar jafri to these photographs..

(Tu Mujhe Itnay Pyaar se mat Dekh)

" Tu mujhe itnay pyaar say mat dekh,
Teri palkon ke naram saayaye mein
Dhoop bhi chandni si lagti hai
Aur mujhe  kitni door jaanaa hai
Rait hai garm,Paon kay chhaale
Yoon dehakte hain, jaise  angaare
Pyaar ki yeh nazar rehe na rahe
Kaun dasht-e-wafa main jalta hai
Tere dil ko khabar rahe na rahe
Tu mujhe itnay pyaar say mat dekh
(Ali Sardar Jafri)

In simple English,i would say:

"Don't look at me so lovingly.

In the gentle shadow of your eye lashes
The rays of this hot sun
feel ike cool   moonlight.
But then In this  Journey ,
I've  to  walk too much,
Cover far off distances,
Hot is this   sand in my Journey 's  path ,
The boils on my feet
 burn like coal.
Who knows,
Whether this  love lingers or not?
May be ,
Ignorant you  remain,
As to who really burns in this
desert of faithfulness?

Don't look at me so lovingly."

(Avtar Mota) 

Photographs by Avtar Mota ...New York, Mystic Connecticut, Hudson City , Boston , Washington and Cold springs .

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