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" There is music (and hence rhythm) in man, in birds, in animals and in all living things. It is just a matter of listening to it. When somebody is tired he walks in vilambit or slow rhythm, whereas in order to catch a bus or train one has to walk in dhrut or fast pace. Speed or gati is rhythm. The walk of the winds is also Nad or sound. The sway of trees or rolling of waves creates Nad or svara or sound. Music surrounds us in every aspect of life. I am sure a time will come when everybody shall turn again to classical music and dance, in order to bring some peace and spirituality into his/ her life.”

‘An artist's best teacher is nature. My only advice to young dancers is to watch and observe nature, which is a perfect symphony. Watch a tree and its branches; watch the winds whistle, the clouds rumble, the lightning dance through the skies. Why do you need to go anywhere, when nature is here."

“ Dance is a complete art. Sur, taal, bhav and laya, an in-depth knowledge of all these aspects is vital, even if one is weak. Without these, your education is incomplete. Laya is especially important; a dancer must be perfect in his laya to bring the necessary grace and synchronization in his dance. Without it, dance is not possible.”

He is Brij Mohan Mishra or Birju Maharaj of Lucknow kathak Gharaana .He is the Grandson of Kalka Maharaj who along with his brother Bindadin Maharaj was a jewel in the court of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. His father Achhan Maharaj was again a world renowned Kathak dancer. Birju Maharaj is a nephew of Lachhu Maharaj and Shambhu Maharaj. So Dance flows in his Blood.

He has performed in almost all the countries of the globe. He is a wonderful singer with a strong grip over, Thumri, Dadra, Bhajan and Ghazals.

Birju Maharaj has spread his art in every way possible, even through films and television.

( Autar Mota )

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