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Prasar Bharati And Jammu Kashmir Academy Of Art Culture And Languages Honours Sh.T K Jalali (Born1941)

Sh T K Jalali ( Ex Principal Institute of Music And Fine Arts) is a Well known Composer ,Vocalist and Musician who was honoured  recently  ( on 4th November 2016 )  jointly by Radio Kashmir Jammu and J&K Academy of Art Culture And Languages .The venue (K L Sehgal Hall Of JKAACL) was Packed to capacity and for the first time a row of additional chairs was added as admirers of Sh. Jalali kept pouring in.
With so many Students , so many well wishers and so many admirers across the State, Sh Jalali commands respect and affection of a wide section of music lovers .

I need not say much about the man and his contribution.It was evident, demonstrative and visible from today's gathering and the words of gratitude and praise that were spoken by his students , Ex colleagues and some music lovers in general .The tributes of Sh Brij Mohan (well known Composer from Jammu ) to Sh Jalali , whom he called his friend , philosopher and guide, kept the audience spell bound ; so moving and poured from the depths of heart. Prof. Lalit Gupta also paid glowing tributes to the man and his work.

I may remind my friends that Sh Jalali composed music for Mehmood Gaami's popular Song "Kattyoo. chhukh nunda- baaney valo maashooq myaane" sung by Runa Laila well known singer from Bangladesh.

So many Dogri songs , so many kashmiri songs, so many Urdu songs, so many Gojri songs and even some Sanskrit verses have been set to music by him for AIR. He also composed music for stage operas, Radio features and Television programmes.

Those who learnt music from him include Arti Tiku kaul , Archana Jalali, M K Raina , Dalip Langoo, Kalpana Kesar, Dost Mohd Khan,. Jasmeet Kaur and many more.

Talk to any singer, musician or composer from our State and you come to know that Sh Jalali has directly or indirectly influenced him even though he may not have been his pupil. In this category I include Shamim Dev Azad, Kailash Mehra Sadhu, Sunaina Koul, Anita sharma and many more.

                                    (  T K Jalali latest Photo  By Autar Mota )

His music Album" Maeni Kaamana" and EP disc sung jointly by Aarti Tiku Kaul and Archana Jalali  were very well received.
He is a singular personality who worked as an Administrator, Teacher and a composer.His engagement with music has been 24 by 7 always Training students and composing .
Sh Jalali learnt from some eminent masters from Mumbai and Later Gwalior.And Gwalior Gharana has been his forte. Snd he did his post graduation in music from Gwalior only.
Hailing from Rainawari ,.Sh Jalali is simple and straightforward person who prefers to remain engrossed in his work.

The zeal for achieving perfection and Excellence in work has not died down in him. He remains steadfast in his strong beliefs such as Rigorous Riyaaz, Perfection in Sur and Taal and above all purity of Raaga. As composer, he dives deep into the poetry and emotions to bring forth the real feel while blending words with music. He remains unmatched when it comes to playing some instruments especially Violin...
And he continues to remain a caring husband , loving father and affectionate and helpful friend . To his close relations , he is Dear Kaka ji. For service to his old parents , he was always dedicated and unfaltering in his duty .
And about his elder brother Late Arun Kaul ( Bollywood script writer and film Maker ) , he adds:

". I remain indebted to him for all that I have achieved .He was a caring guide .I have acted on his suggestions that have proved major turning points in my life. Miss him."

A tragedy in his own family brought some pain and unpleasantness in his life. He moved to Canada for some years. Now back in Jammu, he is all set to contribute , teach and train.He deserves much more.

Adds Dr Rohin Dhar From Chandigarh:

“He was my next door neighbor in rawalpora colony. Both the houses were vandalised and burnt to ashes. His son who was in class 10 accompanied me to Jammu when I left Srinagar in wee hours after threats. The journey to Jammu was heartbreaking with people escaping in droves. I dropped him at kachchi chhawni. This is the last time I saw him. Peace be upon that young soul. A great tragedy.”

Adds Prof. Jaya Parimu:
 “ Jalali Sahib is an  authentic Indian classical musician ,whom i have had the privilege of listening to in private" mehfils" in front of select audience.He would also come to Women's college sometimes as an external examiner to examine students on pure classical music.As an internal examiner at times , i would keenly observe the way he would conduct the exams which he was so good at.This is how i understand Jalali sahib a musician who emerged on classical music scene in Jnk after a long gap. My congratulations and hand fold Namaskar to Jalali sahib “.

Adds Aarti Tiku Kaul  known Singer  from USA :

“Whatever I have achieved in the field of music is only because of Gurujee! As his first student in Kashmir, he showered all his musical knowledge unselfishly, nurtured me, and treated me like a close family member. He deserves all the praise and accolades for his immense knowledge of classical music, his acute creativity, and tremendous contributions to music especially in Kashmir. May God keep him in good health give him all the happiness and many more such recognitions.”

When shall the establishment rise to honour such genuine contributors is a big question?
I end this brief post with a Couplet of Poet Ahmed Faraaz ..

Zindagi, hum Teray daagon se rahe sharminda,
Aur tu hai ki sada Ainakhwaane Maange.....

So long so much on Pandit T K Jalali...

( Autar Mota )

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