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When she went to the Hospital for her treatment , she had a Hundred rupee note in her house. She was Critical. Advanced Liver Cirrhosis had set in. The Gorkha Guard and the watchman wept on seeing Madam on a stretcher. Madam would pass on some currency Notes to them when she left her house for shooting . Before her death she had donated seventy five thousands to a Trust for Installation of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Statue In Mumbai .
To her brother and sisters , she was both , a father and a mother . To some others, she was a provider.

While leaving for Hospital , she handed over her purse( that had a golden Chain and ring inside ) to her safaiwali woman. It was her last journey.
Dr Shah, her physician had painfully said " It is a story of few days more. She is hurrying"

After so many requests from Khayyam, Jagjeet Kaur , Sunil Datt and Nargis, she had finally agreed to rejoin shooting of Pakeezah that had almost brought Kamaal Amrohi to Bankruptcy .Inspite of her ailment, she  completed Pakeezah for Kamaal . She had accepted a token one rupee from Kamaal for Pakeezah. During the shooting of Pakeezah, She  had started loving her kamaal once more.

A producer owed her ten thousand rupees and he rushed with the money to the hospital. Kamaal Gave a bundle of Ten thousand rupees to her sister in the Hospital .He wanted his Manju saved at all costs. Beguma Para stood like a rock in the Hospital. O P Ralhan telephoned his relative who brought some Injection from England by next Available flight .
Alas she could not be saved . She died in the Hospital.

After her death , PAKEEFAH , that had almost failed at the Box offfice , did a roaring Business. It Broke all records. Manju had paid back her debt to Kamaal.
A life lived in bits and pieces. A life lived in caring for others. A life lived in doing all that she could do to make others happy. A life that always looked for sincere empathy and her own poetic words , she expressed her lonesome living as......
Tukade Tukade Din beeta Dhajji Dhajji Raat Mili 
Jis Ka Jitnaa aanchal Thha Utani Hi Sougaat Mili 

( Autar Mota )
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