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                                   ( Poet Ali Sardar jafri with his wife Mrs Sultana jafri )

ALI SARDAR JAFRI ( 1913-2000)

The world of love does not distinguish people on the basis of name or caste . Flowers are meant to cheer up humanity at large . Fragrance was never created for division like this Indo Pak divide. But In every upheaval , the flowers are the lone sufferers . The thorns have nothing to lose ;Neither the conviction of peaceful coexistence nor elegance , colour or exquisiteness.

 Urdu Poet Ali sardar Jafri adds..

"Jahaane Ishq mein Tafreeq e Ism o Zaat Nahin
Jahaane Husn mein Taqseeme Hind o Pak Nahin
Siva Gulon ke Girebaan Kisi Ka Chaak Nahin
Nafas Nafas mein Meray Zamzamaa Muhabbat Ka
Mera Wujood qaseeda Bashar Ki Azmat Ka
Yeh Sab Karishma Hai Insaaniyat Ki wahdat ka"
( Autar Mota)

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