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                           ( Looking at a kashmiri shawl  at Kashmir Govt Arts Emporium in Calcutta 1957 )

      (  Looking at A silk carpet .In the above Photograph , His Holiness  is joined by  Kushak Bakula Ji from Ladakh visiting Kashmir Govt Arts Emporium in Calcutta in 1957 )

Not many people know that His Holiness Dalai Lama is all praise for kashmiri Handicratfts . Arriving  in November 1956,he  stayed  in India from November 1956 to March 1957. He visited many places and cities including Bodh Gaya . He had come to participate in 2500th Buddha Jayanti celebrations at the invitation of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

 He finally sought asylum In India in March 1959 after Chinese occupation of Tibbet when Red army let loose repression and that brought untold sufferings to people .

                                                        ( With Pandit ji in 1959 )     

In 1957, during his visit to Calcutta , His Holiness expressed a desire to visit some shop selling kashmiri Handicrafts . He was taken to Kashmir Government Arts Emporium Calcutta . His Holiness took keen interest in shawls , wood carving items and carpets .He did buy some items and talked in detail to some kashmiri employees who were more than happy with his presence .He also presented a Buddhist Tangka to the Manager of Kashmir Government Arts emporium at Calcutta during this visit.
Adds Tara Dhar Hasnain:

“Tibet had a small community of Kashmiri Muslims, mostly traders, who  had settled there some centuries ago. They were respected, and well integrated into the local communities, and  were called 'khaches' ( from the word 'kasheer'). They were often given special privileges like  Trade concessions. But after the Chinese occupation of Tibet, from the late 50's, most of them returned to live in Kashmir.”

 Dalai Lama's love is universal. It is for Humanity at large  irrespective of caste or religion. During a visit to srinagar in 1975, His holiness desired to meet Muslim Tibetan refugees . He addressed them and advised them to live in peace and Harmony and respect Local Traditions a  and Laws .  He again met them in 1987.


                                             ( 1975 visit to  Tibetan Muslim Refugee settlement )
In 2012, His holiness again visited kashmir and addressed Tibetan Muslim community at a special function. He also presided over a function organised by the officials of the Tibetan Public school, located at Hawal in Srinagar. His Holiness also visited the Tibetan Muslim locality and had audiences with elders from Tibetan Muslim community . Three Photographs of Dalai Lama's srinagar visit in 2012


What a  lovely Human being he is ? A  saint in exile .

( Source  of Text..My close Relation Late Som Nath Taing From J&K Govt Arts Emporium ..Source Photo  Archives Photo Division GOI.)

( Autar Mota )


About the Employee   (J&K Government  Arts Emporium ) appearing in the picture in top two frames  , Mr Khursheed Shahdaad  from srinagar adds:

"I can see in the picture late Haji Ali Mohd. Wani in black Achkan and Karakul cap with specs. Those days Mr Wani was an employee of kashmir Governments arts emporium in Calcutta."

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