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YEAR 1958
 (Photo courtesy: Photo Division, Government of India)

A dinner hosted for Dr Ho Chi Minh President Democratic Republic of Vietnam attended by Indira ji , Dr karan singh and Maharani Yasho Rajya Lakshmi and Shri M C Chagla eminent Jurist and the then chief Justice of Bombay High court.

About this meeting Dr Karan singh said ,

“Here I was face to face , sitting on the dining table and listening to some wonderful thoughts from a fatherly figure known world over as Ho Chi Minh . He was a statesman , a great leader , a communist who created the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945. A man who believed in unification, integration and order. His faith and religion remained humanity. A widely travelled man , a leader who lived in France , UK , USA , CHINA , USSR and many countries  . He was the  visionary leader who fought for the removal of French colonial rule from Vietnam . A revolutionary in his ideas but I found him a saint at Heart . So Impressive in thought , mannerism and style .who could remain untouched by his simplicity and sincerity of purpose ?“

It is said that  even as a President of Vietnam ,he lived a simple life.He slept on a cot  . In his room, visitors could see nothing beyond a box of personal clothes ,a radio set ,a table ,a chair  an ordinary rug to sit and a water container for drinking water .These were his personal belongings or  his property as head of the state. He ate simple food and wore simplest possible clothes.

In his Book " Today's Pasts ..A Memoir " Bhisham Sahni writes ,

“Going to Vietnam was like going on a pilgrimage . I also saw the ordinary little shack , The former home of the Nation’s Great leader Ho Chi Minh : More splendorous than the biggest of Mansions . His walking stick , umbrella , Hat and jacket were still hanging in one corner of the shack.It seemed like he had gone out for a little while and would return anytime now. ”

( Autar Mota )

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