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The history of theatre and radio drama of Kashmir shall be incomplete without her mention.She is a talented Artist from Rainawari (she retired from a senior position in Accountant General's office) who moved to New Delhi in 1990 whereat she currently lives with her family .

" Binaa Deewaaron ka Ghar " ,a play written by Manu Bhandari and directed by Triloke Dass for kala kendra was her first play. She did numberless stage plays and radio dramas thereafter.She also acted in some TV plays / serials. With her attractive golden voice in Radio plays ,she became a household name in Kashmir during seventies and eighties of last century.Her dialogue delivery on stage was matchless. And had she moved out to Delhi during her youth ,she would have cast her spell on National theatre as well.

Adds Well known Artist Bansi Raina ,

“ Brij Kishori  is no ordinary human being .She adopted the stage along with Nabla Begam, Jai Kishori and others ,when female artists were hard to find or not  permitted to appear on stage.She was the best Radio Voice of her time .On stage ,she had this God’s  gift of remembering the whole script.You needed to put that extra effort to come to her level of performance.I has been my  privilege to have worked with her on Radio ,TV and stage.She was  also the  president of Rangmanch Theatre of kashmir...I also belong to that theatre   group . A Great artist ... A  great human being “.

Her stellar performances in some plays notably  MANGOO, KUS LOG DAAWUS, CHAPAAT (scripted by  Pushker Bhan and som Nath sadhu ) , BA CHHUSS TCHOOR ( scripted by A k Rehbar ),NOV  NOASH ( scripted by  Pushker Bhan and som Nath sadhu ), ZALLUR ( scripted by Sajood sailani ) ,INSAAF., GRAND REHEARSAL  AND NAATUK KARRIEV BANDH( Scripted by Prof hari Krishen kaul ) created an indelible impression in the minds of viewers .

                       ( Brijkishori ji with her theatre group 5th from left in the standing row )

She remained associated with RANGMANCH and for quite sometime was president of this prestigious theatre group.With her "Never say die" attitude, she along with Kantyayini Ganjoo , gave a scintillating performance this year in a play  directed by Upender Khashu.



She remains the same  brave, compassionate and helpful .Coming from a gentle and cultured Nakhasi family from jogi Lanker Rainawari , she is Married to Dr Zutshi.

Brij Kishori Ji is a happy grand mother now.

(Autar Mota )

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