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Behar e ulfat mein Ho gayaa jo gark

Chashmaa e zindagi mein Jaa Niklaa…
( Josh Malsiyaani )

He who drowned himself in the sea of love ,
Made his appearance in the water spring of Life ….

Read  books on  Balmukand "Arsh Malsiyaani" and his father  Pandit labhu Ram "Josh Malsiyaani" recently .Both father and son were well known urdu poets from Punjab . Came to know some more facts about Pandit Labhu Ram Josh . I share some as under  …

Josh sahib always wore simple clothes. A Dhoti , Kurta , Desi jooti and a Punjabi Pugree was all that he wore during summers . In winter season he would always wear a black coat over a shirt. He looked like a perfect farmer who had nothing to do with poetry. Though his son Balmukand Arsh Malsiyaani was a senior officer with Govt Of India , Josh never changed his living style when he lived with his son. He ate simple vegetables, Daal    and Chapaati , Never touched liquor and remained  a vegetarian all along his life . He smoked Hukka which he carried along with him while he was travelling away from his home. Quite often, during a mushaira , when Hukka was not permitted on the stage , he asked for the cheapest RED LAMP cigarette .Simple dress and simpler eating habits remained his lifelong companions .

His needs in life were almost nil and that is why he never complained of his poverty .He never got excited by praise in Mushairas but was always supportive of new and talented poets .He spent his time either playing chess or writing poetry .

He belonged to a family of  Brahmins that earned livelihood from Trading in GURR or JAGGERY. His father drank, ate and enjoyed his own life at Peshawar were he had set up his small  JAGGERY business believing that the family back home would live on charity or help from relatives . On account of this  attitude of his father, the family had to live in extreme poverty .Josh was attached to his mother since his childhood.
Josh felt disgusted with Trading profession as his father suffered heavy losses and the family came under  debt.  His father drank himself to death .
After the death of his father , Josh joined as a Persian cum Urdu teacher in a school to earn something for the family that was almost starving . Though a brilliant boy in his school , Josh could not continue his studies and learn English language due to unforeseen family circumstances . He, however completed "Munshi Faazil" and Adeeb Faazil " degrees .He served as teacher in Nakodar town near Jalandhar for almost all his life. 
In thought and deeds,he remained a Gandhian all along his life.
In 1940,he published his poetic collections in a book titled " BAADA E SARJOSH "
It is also a fact that he never encouraged his son Balmukand Arsh for writing urdu poetry. Amongst his pupils , Sahir Hoshiarpuri from Punjab carried forward his style . " Kaun Kehtaa hai Mohabbat ki zubaan hotii hai.. Yeh haqeeqat to Nigaahon se Bayaan Hotii hai " is a popular gazal of Sahir Hoshiarpuri sung by late Jagjt Singh.

Josh had taken lessons from Daag Dehlavi whom he met in 1902 . later he wrote poetry in Daag’s style . He belonged to Delhi School of urdu poetry . I quote some couplets
(Na- shagufta hi rahi dil ki Kali 

Mausam e gul Baarhaa aataa rahaa ..)

( Maut ki zadd se bach gaya jo koyee
Uss ko umer e daraaz ne Maara )

( Balaa se koyee Haathh maltaa rahay

Teraa husn Saanchay mein Daltaa rahay )

( karuun Sharah e Junoon kyonkar khiradmandon ki mehfil mein

Yeh woh Nuqte hain jin ko ahle daanish kam samjhatein hain)

( Teray Andaaz par Umar e Ravaan kuchh Shaq guzartaa hai 

Liye jaati hai tu mujh ko kidhar Aahistaa Aahistaa )

( Zindagi Kuchh Bhi Nahin Soaz e Mohabbat ke bagair 

aag Uss dil Ko lagay jo nahin khwahaan teraa )

( Gilaa Na Meharbaani ka to sab se sun lityaa tum ne 

Tumhaari Meharbaani ki shikaayat Hum bhi Rakhtein Hain)

His poem NAYA KASHMIR remains amongst the finest poems written on Kashmir..I quote some lines..

Aey tamaashaai bahut kuchh Tuune ki sair e Jahaan 

Ab Zaraa Kashmir mein aa Kar nayaa kashmir Dekh
Eik Muddat se hai Chashm e Gair lalchaai Huyii

Be Gunaahi ki Khataa Masoom ki Taqseer Dekh.
Sohbat e Sheikh o Birahman par nazar kar gaur se,

Aarti ko hamnawaa e naraa e Taqbeer dekh..
Ranjh o gham mein dekh iss ka hausalaa iss ka jigar,

Aafaton mein iss ke isstaqlaal ki tasveer dekh..
Tuune har taameer mein takhreeb dekhi hai magar,

Aey tamaahsaai yahaan takhreeb mein taameer dekh................

He was decorated with Padamshri by Government Of India..

( Autar Mota )

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