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Rashid Hafiz is a popular Kashmiri sufiana and Chhakri  singer . His most popular song  "YA  TULI  KHANJAR MAAREY  " goes as under ..

"Ya Tuli Khanjar Maarey"
( By Kashmiri Poet Abdul Ahad nazim )

Yim Zaar vanahuss bar_dar
kar sana su yaar bozay.
Ya tuli khanjar maarey
nataa saanie shabaa rozay..

(I shall narrate at his door step
If only he pays a heed to my tale of woes.
Either he picks up a dagger and kills me,
Or let him come and stay for a  night)

Bulbul chhu behiit ba gul
Mushtaq gomut chhu bilkul
Nai rozi gul nai bulbul
Akh ashq Kathhaa rozey……..

(In this close sitting with the Gul ( Flower ),
The Bulbul is chock-full of hope now .
Alas ! Neither the Gul nor the Bulbul shall there be lastingly ,
But yes the tale of their love shall last for ever .)

Maashooq Kyah Goyee keenaai
Aatash Mein Borthhum Seenai…
Aashiq chhu Kammi Taam Zeenai
Maarun Ma  Ravaa Rozey……………….

(O Beloved ! What Rancor made you
to fill my bosom with this fiery pain ?
When a lover rides high horse ,
Is it Proper to kill him like this ?.)

Muss deutnum kalwaalan
Chhivraavnus Aik Pyaalun
Chhum Doori Doori Zaalan
Kar Sanaa Dawaa sozey

(My Saqi offered me the drink
And just one cup put me off my feet ..
Slipping away and away , he now makes me smolder,
Tell me when shall he send the medication ..)

Kyaa Goas Malaal, Roothum
Sar e Aadnuk Yaar Kroothum
Kathh Dard e na`iye Beuthum
Kar sana Paigaam Soazey………………..

(What dejection led him to get annoyed with me ?
Why My foremost love lies cold now ?
While he picked up this flute of pain ,
I look forward for his communication to arrive)

Maashooq Kaerthhum sitam
Naazim Chhu Praraan ittam’
Chhus Tashnaa Deedar Dittam
Pagaah na yi Dum Rozey …

(“O Beloved ! How many torments more ?
This Naazim has been waiting , Do come now .
Parched am I ,Show me your face now.
May be I do not survive tomorrow for you ….)

( Abdul Ahad Nazim)


(Autar Mota 22.01.2014 )

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  1. Beautiful kalaam...please keep shariing such masterpieces..

  2. Beautiful Rendition by Rashid Jahangir of the above ghazal :
    Would like to see a piece on Rashid Jahangir and other prominent artists from doda/kishtwar region (Gulab Sb , Rehmat Sb)


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