Thursday, January 9, 2014



How Many sunsets More ?
Photo Autar Mota 

 To this photo , I add mini Gazal in  kashmiri  composed today ..

Aaechh Daras Akh Vaada Beyi Akh Bewafa
Beyi Siri Loseov Az Guv Beyi Pagaah

Shaand Paaeith Gayee Kaarwaan Raatus Pakaan
Dard Shaharuss Rooz Raatus Trap-Trapaa..
Kathh Karuvv Adha Vaaen Khassuv Naarein Nattein
Zchhopp Karuvv Seenus Andher Duzvienn Gaaejja.

( Autar Mota )

Eyes in wait ,A Promise and a loveless Individual,
Once again the sunset and Today moved to Tomorrow 

Caravans moved past the bed pillow all along the night ,
This city of pain had night long activity …..
Speak it out and you are instantly in the Gossip Bazaar,

Be Silent and carry a hearth inside the Bosom……
( Autar Mota 09.01.2014 )

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