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Come, Gardener
Create the splendor of the spring ;
Make flowers bloom and nightingales sing
Create such avenues !
Weed out things that undermine the growth of
Roses in the garden ,
And look , thousands of smiling Hyacinths
Have thronged at the gate .

( Mehjoor )

                                         (Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor - 1885-1952  )

Peerzada Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor ( 1885-1952 ) was born in Village Mitregaam in Pulwama district of kashmir . To him goes the credit of introducing Modernism in kashmiri poetry and bringing lyricism and folklores in it. It can be said that along with Abdul Ahad Azad , Mehjoor broadened the canvas of kashmiri poetry in a way freeing it from the clutches of Mystic, Devotional and Sufiana thoughts . His language was simple but laden with the folk lore of Kashmir . He spoke of its seasons , streams , Festivities, peasants , village girls , birds , flowers , Gardens ( Nishat and shalimar  gardens in particular ), mountains and communal harmony. He can also be called a very tall poet representing the school of Lyricism in kashmiri poetry after Habba Khatoon , Arnimaal , Rasul Mir and Mehmood Gaami. His poems attracted the attention of Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore who called him “ WORDSWORTH OF KASHMIRI POETRY “.Devendra Satyarthi Carried Mehjoor’s poems to Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore who in turn was highly impressed . In fact Satyarthi is the person who exposed Mehjoor to the world outside Peer-Panjal hills.

Satyarthi once wrote :

“ Mehjooor’s poetry is full of life’s passion , brotherhood , love and hope for the oppressed Mehjoor has a broad vision of life “

His poem ' Sahibo Sathh Chhum me tchaenni vuthh me asalaetch haavtum" or " My Lord ! I only live by a profound faith in you, Show me the Righteous path" appeals to every kashmiri. For a student a moving Prayer, For a Muslim a grand Naat and for a Pandit an intensely devotional Leela.

Mehjoor’s job as a Patwari enabled him to have a clear view of life as it existed in the core rural set up. He turned sympathetic to the plight and sorrows of peasants , youth and exploited masses . With a clear vision for kashmiri poetry and the shape it needed to take up, he embarked upon a look out task for a suitable poet to carry forward his mission. And then came Naadim .

And then one day Mehjoor heard Young Dina Nath Naadim for the first time reciting a poem in a Mushiara in Srinagar . So happy was the poet with this young kashmiri boy that he instantly said


In an Interview , Poet Naadim has informed that Mehjoor would always say “ Naadim is my sister’s son.I am his maternal uncle. “

Infact Naadim’s mother was from village Murran in Pulwama district and Mehjoor was also from a nearby village called Mitrgaam.

And Naadim proved himself to be the correct choice of Mehjoor . He entered this arena with a mind that was conscious of the changes that were sweeping across the world. His thought and outlook had a mixture of influences of great modern writers and poets like Tolstoy , Mayakovsky, Nazim Hikmet , Anton Chekhov , Tagore, Josh Malihaabadi, Chakbast and many more. He not only carried forward the work that Mehjoor and Azad had started , he also put enough space and dimension in it with his Operas , Poems , sonnets , Gazals , Free verse , Haaerisaat, Haiku all laden with Lyrical Modernism and Progressive thoughts..

When Mehjoor died, Naadim felt sad and gloomy for some time. . But then he also thought that Mehjoor was not a physical body alone but a part of the life that never dies. For him, Mehjoor was an inspiration and a bright thought that never dies . .He also wrote a poem on Mehjoor’s death, a portion of which is reproduced hereunder …

( Gonnmaatus Moatukk Shar karrie kyaah ?)
Sheitchh Gayee shaamun Gaama Shahaarie
Baagun Junglunn Pheer tchoapaarie
Gili Voann Vaavus Vaavun Laalus
Laalun Pyaaluss Pyaalie Kalawaaluss
Kalwaalun Pheurr Maikhaanuss Munz
Maikhaanuss Munz Vaaetchh Hoolie Haalaai
Baanuss ta baanuss laaejj Thussraaraai
Zun Guvv Aaluv Mahjoor Koatt Guvv
“Mahjoor Koatt Guvv ? ”
Poatt Pheerithh Aav Aaluv Vaapus
“Yeitee Chhuyee Koatt Guvv !”
Mahjoor Zinda Chhuyee Zindagi Marie Kyaah
Gonn-maatuss Moatukk shar Karrie kyaah

( Dina Nath Naadim )

My english rendering of above lines would be as under…

(What can the fright of death do to An Erudite  soul?)
The news went wild at evening time ,
It traveled to city and the villages ,
It spread in all directions through the forests and the gardens ,
The bird conveyed it to the wind ,
The wind passed it on to the flower ,
The flower informed the cup
And the cup told the cup bearer( saaqi ),
The cup bearer broke the news inside the Tavern ( Bar )
And then  an uproar in the tavern .
Pots rattled and collided ,
Some insider heard a cry ,
“ Where has Mehjoor gone ?”
And then another cry in return declared ,
“ Here he is . Where did he go ?
Mehjoor is alive . Does life ever pass away ?
What can the fright of death do to an Erudite  soul ?”

( Autar Mota )

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